Examples of prejudices –

Prejudices, as the name implies, are judgments made prior to meeting a person. In societies there are various prejudices that are pre-existing judgments about people, collectives, ethnic groups, etc. The prejudices They can occur in politics, religion, sports, in the business field among other social sectors. Prejudices are often negative concepts that can harm or harm the person(s) to whom they are addressed. there are numerous examples of prejudice that we find daily in the discursive fabric of societies.
On a personal level, there are also prejudices about ways of life of people or choices they have made and for this reason they are often unfairly socially condemned for certain prejudices that are very difficult to contradict or eradicate.
Prejudices are part of the human being, they exist in all cultures and societies and are well rooted in customs, belief systems and ways of thinking for decades or sometimes centuries.
The prejudices They are social beliefs that, as we have already said, are deeply rooted in society and have no basis or scientific verification.

Jews are stingy and greedy. Blacks are good only for dancing and playing basketball. Pretty women are stupid. Blondes are cold. Redheads are unlucky.