Examples of Omnivorous Animals –

The omnivorous animals They are animals that eat everything that nature’s food chain offers: animal meat and vegetables.
Some of the examples of animals that belong to the group of omnivores are dogs, primates, crows, pigs, rats, and humans as well.
Unlike herbivorous animals that only feed on plants, omnivorous animals they feed on various types of food; animals and plants.
Omnivorous animals are considered the strongest and most powerful in nature and that the food variety provides them with extra protein and energy that allows for greater development of the brain, other important organs and the nervous system, unlike other animals. Among these are some mammals and birds of prey.

Raccoons eat plant material, especially nuts and fruits, and enter cornfields to eat corn. However, they also eat animals, including insects, fish, spiders, crustaceans, small reptiles, and amphibians. Squirrels are good examples of omnivorous animals since they can subsist on nuts, acorns, mushrooms and seeds, but if the opportunity arises, they also take the chicks and eggs. They feed on insects, lizards, snakes and other rodents that are small enough for them to manage. Bears eat fruit if it is closer to them, but if there is a river nearby they eat fish. Chicken: chickens and chickens are examples of omnivorous animals they eat whatever they have at their disposal, they feed on grains and worms.Humans: if you didn’t know humans are omnivores, we have all the characteristics of omnivores and we feed on plants and other animals.

Brown bears