Examples of assertiveness –

Assertiveness is a correct behavior that people maintain even in difficult circumstances. The assertiveness it has to do with self control, empathy and reason. Assertive behavior is not passive or cowardly behavior, on the contrary. It is about finding a middle ground in our behavior to proceed in complicated situations.

1. A couple goes to dinner at a restaurant and in the middle of dinner they find a fly in their soup. Instead of fighting with the waiter or saying off-color words, or on the contrary letting the subject go out of embarrassment, remove the fly and leave the place. A example of assertive behaviorIt would be that they respectfully speak to the person in charge of the place to explain what happened, and they will surely change the dish.

2. A 17-year-old boy takes his father’s car without permission and crashes it. He also does not have a driver’s license. A example of assertiveness It would be for the father to explain to him the risks of driving without a license, and that he needs his permission to take his car because it is his. In addition, he warns her that the next time the action will have consequences.

3. An employee arrives late for work and with signs of drunkenness. A example of assertiveness It would be if your boss sends you home, since in that state you cannot share a workplace and asks you to come early the next day to talk about what happened. In the talk he should ask what is happening, the rules of a workplace and find out if he needs professional help.