Examples of animal onomatopoeia –

The animal onomatopoeia They are the phonemes by which we identify one animal or another. Phonemes are interpretations in human language of the voices (or the characteristic sound) of a certain animal. Onomatopoeia is the word or monosyllables in Spanish that identifies among people who speak the language, the voice of an animal. Onomatopoeias are used in children’s books so that children learn to associate an animal with its typical voice.

rooster onomatopoeia: kikirikiiiii

cow mooing onomatopoeia: sooooo

dog barking onomatopoeia: woof woof

onomatopoeia of the chirping of a bird: peep peep

lion’s roar onomatopoeia: roarrrrr

duck onomatopoeia: quack – quack

cricket onomatopoeia: cri cri

pig onomatopoeia: oinc – oinc

dolphin onomatopoeia: iiiiii – iiiiii

onomatopoeia of the bee: bzzzz bzzzz

sheep onomatopoeia: beeeee – beeeee

onomatopoeia of some birds: The caw is the voice used to communicate by most birds such as the crow, the jackdaw, the magpie, the vulture or the goose. In Spanish there is only one onomatopoeia for birds, which is pío pío or la del gallo.