English Engineer Curriculum | Complete Guide

Engineering is a highly demanded discipline throughout the world, not only in Hispanic countries. Even the best professional opportunities are in English-speaking countries.

So if you want to boost your career as an engineer and opt for better job opportunities, you must adapt your resume to the rules of these countries, which goes beyond just translating your Spanish CV.

In this practical guide we explain how to make a engineering resume in english adapted to the parameters of English companies.

Sample engineering resume in English

Carlos Torres Prieto
Industrial Engineer
Los Angeles United States
+1 (323) 000 – 0000
[email protected]
LinkedIn: Carlos Torres Prieto

about me
Industrial engineer with 8 years of experience in the efficient management of production systems to maximize the use of economic resources, materials, machinery and human talent. I recently worked at REPSOL PETRÓLEO SA, where I implemented a customized methodology to increase the efficiency of production processes, achieving a result of a 37% increase in the first month of implementation alone.

work experience

senior industrial engineer
January 2017 – February 2022

I directed the entire industrial process, achieving a reduction in operating costs.
I proposed and implemented new actions in favor of increasing the efficiency of the plants.
I gave talks on the use of resources to the plant’s human team.

Key achievements: I increased the efficiency of the industrial plant by 37% with the implementation of a methodology designed and developed especially for the company.

Manual Manufacturing
Industrial Engineer
February 2014 – December 2016

I designed new manufacturing processes to improve the final quality of the products.
I applied improvements in procedures to increase production and lower costs.
I estimated the feasibility of long-term projects according to the investment.
I designed, implemented and monitored industrial safety programs.

Heredemic training
Degree in Industrial Engineering
University of Madrid
January 2010 – January 2014


Advanced domain of AutoCAD.
Numerical calculations.
Risk and crisis management.
Industrial automation.
Team work.
Assertive communication.

Spanish – mother tongue.
English (C2) – upper advanced.

How to write an engineer’s resume in English?

Working in the United States is a career goal for many engineers and, in fact, for professionals in other industries because of how competitive the job market is in this country.

And this applies to other English-speaking countries, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, etc.

But before venturing to enter this Anglo-Saxon industry, you must prepare your Curriculum vitae of engineering in English, adapting from structure to content.

Consider these initial guidelines 👇:

Investigate what the curriculum structure is like in that English-speaking country. Omit the photo, it is not included in this CV. Highlight the strengths of your professional profile based on the job ad. Don’t get too long, summarize your information on no more than two pages. Detail your professional experience (it is important in Anglo-Saxon countries). Include relevant achievements in your professional career. Demonstrate your technical skills in the area. Choose the most convenient format and structure for your professional profile.

In the case of this last point, format and structurethere are several points to consider 👇:

The document format

As an engineer, regardless of your branch of specialization, you have skills in planning, organizing and presenting processes.

These skills must be demonstrated in every aspect of your CV, even in the format, which is the presentation of the document, whose parameters are the same for a resume in Spanish 👇:

Margins about 2.5 cm. Simple typography with a size of 11 to 12 points (distinguishes the titles). Bullets and enumerations to break the blocks of text. Bold in the most valuable aspects of your professional profile. Blank spaces so as not to clutter the view. PDF format when saving the document.

The order of the sections

The location of the sections in a CV in Spanish varies according to the type of CV that is selected. That is, chronological, reverse chronological, functional or mixed.

In the case of English, the most used model is reverse chronologicaltherefore, it is recommended that you use it to organize your work information.

Based on this, the structure would be the following 👇:

Contact information. Professional profile. Work experience. Important professional achievements (if they are quantifiable, much better). Education. Featured skills. Languages.

This is the head of your CV, where you will mention your personal information and contact information. It is more than enough for the recruiter to know who you are and through which channels they can contact you. Therefore, it is only necessary that you mention 👇:

Name and surname. Profession. Address (as detailed as you see fit). Telephone number (insert the corresponding prefix). Email. Professional social networks (LinkedIn, for example). Portfolio (depending on your specialization in engineering).

Here’s an example 👇:


Stephanie Montesinos
industrial engineering
Los Angeles United States
+1 (323) 000 – 0000
[email protected]
LinkedIn: Estefania Montesinos[/su_box]

This is a header short and professional, with the basic data that the contracting party needs to know about you in order to identify you. The inclusion of more or less data will depend on the company, remember to read the job announcement very well.

Now, look at an example of how it is NOT recommended to write this section 👇:

industrial engineering
Los Angeles United States

It’s okay to be brief, but avoid doing it in important sections like this. Lack of information could lead to the rejection of your candidacy. So don’t omit valuable data.

Write a persuasive professional profile

As a foreign engineer you have a great challenge: to sell your professional profile in such a persuasive way that they ignore that you are not a native of the country.

The professional summary is structured in the same way in both Spanish and English. That is, it is a single paragraph of no more than 6 lines that attractively exposes 👇:

Your specialization in engineering. Your work experience. Your main professional achievements. Your outstanding skills (technical and soft). Your most recent works (optional, but recommended).

Here you have a positive and a negative example 👇:


about me

Telecommunications engineer with more than 12 years of experience in the correct planning, design, implementation and maintenance of communication systems for medium and large companies. I have solved problems of transmission and reception of signals and interconnection of business networks. Recently, I worked in a Spanish company, Mercadona, for which I designed a communication system between departments that increased the company’s productivity by 65% ​​in the first two months of implementation.

This is a professional profile adapted to the vacancy, which highlights the candidate’s strengths in a persuasive way. The generic arguments that any professional could use are omitted and, instead, the technical preparation of the candidate is emphasized.

Perhaps the result could be adverse if your CV begins as follows 👇:


about me

Telecommunications engineer with extensive experience in systems management. I have worked in several Spanish companies and also in others abroad, for which I have achieved very good results in their communication systems. I am the perfect candidate for this profile because I have the essential skills to do a good job.

This professional extract is imprecise. There are no clear data that help to differentiate the candidate, on the contrary, they leave questions in the contractor. Like what is the experience, where did he work, what results did he get and what skills does he possess.

If you don’t have experience as an engineer…

All engineers have had a first job, you are not the only one.

In this case, you would have to replace the professional profile with a professional objective and focus this brief fragment on your academic background, main competencies in the area, academic achievements (if applicable) and, above all, aspirations in your professional career.

Here’s an example 👇:


about me

Network engineer recently graduated from the University of Barcelona, ​​one of the best averages of the promotion. My purpose as an engineering professional is to design computer systems that allow maintaining optimal business communication. I aspire to be part of this company due to its great experience and prestige in the industry, I would add my skills in solving transmission problems and designing interconnection systems.

This is a simple and persuasive way of hide the lack of work experience by focusing the attractiveness of your professional profile on your training, skills and aspirations.

Demonstrate your experience on your engineering resume in English

The time has come to capture your professional career on your CV. In this case, the key to standing out from the rest of the candidates with a similar profile is to convert the experiences in results and that, in addition, include professional achievements.

Regarding the structure of this section, it is very simple 👇:

Company name. Position occupied. Service time. Achievements obtained (optional, but recommended).

Here are several examples of how you can add this section to your engineering CV in English according to various specialties 👇:

Work experience for industrial engineer

If it is an industrial engineer CV, this is how you can write this section 👇:

work experience
Industrial Gofez
Industrial Engineer
January 2015 – December 2021

I designed more than 25 industrial security programs. Led highly qualified technical teams. I managed large projects of industrial works. I developed actions that optimized technical, economic and human resources.

Key achievements: I designed a methodology that improved the efficiency of industrial plant processes by 37% in the first month of implementation.

Work experience for chemical engineer

If it is a chemical engineering resume, this is how you can write this section 👇:

work experience
Anisol Equipment, SL
chemical engineer
January 2015 – December 2021

I successfully designed the chemical processes of the plants with their safety standards.
I proposed and led initiatives to preserve the environment.
I designed the quality control policies of more than 55 Spanish companies.
I gave talks on quality policies in industrial plants.

Key achievements: I created a quality policy program for the human team of the Manufacturinga de Puros Sl plant, which improved the quality of the products by 65%.

Work experience for civil engineer

In the case of a civil engineering resume, this is how you can develop your work experience 👇:

work experience
Balde & Seydi Associates SL
civil engineering
January 2015 – December 2021

I led the project for the creation of new highways in Madrid.