Email in English to look for a job: complete guide – CV Sample

English is known as the universal language, as it can open doors for you in all corners of the planet. And of course, you can not only send an email in English to look for a job in the United Kingdom or the United States; you can also send it to international companies, translation agencies and remote jobs.

Be that as it may, it is not a matter of just uploading the resume in Gmail and clicking send. There are also methods to make the best first impression, and today we describe them for you.

Example of an email in English to look for work

Next, we leave for you an example email template in English to send the CV. It will serve as a basis for not missing those job offers that you liked:

Re: Web programmer with 5 years of experience + resume

Dear Carl Joseph:

My name is Jose Cardozo, computer engineer, currently pursuing a master’s degree in artificial intelligence at Cambridge University. I am contacting you to apply for the job offer as a web developer at LondonWebOs, which I have seen in your news portal.

I am interested in the job vacancy because I have the necessary skills, abilities and experience to objectively face all the challenges. I know the current job market and I think that my professional background will be helpful for implementing IT resources in LondonWebOs.

I trust that my professional values ​​and my affinity will be to your liking. Attached to this email I leave my resume and a cover letter for you to better evaluate my profile. I would like to learn more about the job and attend an interview.

Thank you for your attention, I hope you have a nice day.

Sincerely, Jose Cardozo.

Phone: 555 555 555 555

[email protected]


Interest Statistics

According to the ABC newspaper, more than half of Spanish people of working age claim to speak a second language. Of these, 4 out of 10 citizens choose English, given that it maximizes their professional profile.

And it is that between two candidates with the same skills and trajectory, always The one who masters a foreign language will win much more if it is Anglo-Saxon.

How to write your introductory email in English: step by step

If you notice, the previous template to send a CV by email in English is quite simple. However, do not think that you will only have to copy and paste, because in reality you will have to do the writing from scratch. But of course, you already have a guide to know what to put in each section.

Right now we describe each of the sections separately so that you learn to leave them optimal:

Subject: Subject

If you send an email without describing the subject section, the recipient won’t know who you are. Since companies receive hundreds and even thousands of emails a day, you must make an effort so that yours don’t end up in the spam tray.

The reason for the job search email in English should be short, but precise, as in the following examples:

Carlos Gonzalez’s summarizes. Web programmer interested in a vacancy. Resume + Motivation letter for translator.

It is appropriate that you look at job openings, recruiter requirements, and type of company. Also, some companies provide detailed instructions that you must follow to send the email. For example, it is likely that you should place a job position, reference numbers, a specific order, among others.

The most important thing is that the text has keywords that capture the attention of the recruiter from the first moment. Research what interests the institution and named an interesting feature. To end, leave aside ambiguous or generic issues.

Examples of email subject lines in English

We leave a couple of templates that will help you to look for a job:


From Liverpool Enterprise we require an expert specialized in the area of ​​digital marketing. It is of prime necessity that you have hard skills to perform in various fields and serve a large number of clients.


Creative marketing professional + resume

On the other hand, if you are going to use a self-application, perhaps you should be a bit more spontaneous, although without falling into a lack of professionalism. See how some candidates do it:

“I want to bring an additional strategy to your Company”

“Value proposition and business collaboration”

Why is my profile suitable for your company?

⚠️Careful: Do not use capital letters to write the subject, because your email would be thrown directly into the spam folder. Rather, use language that is understandable and simple to the naked eye.

Greetings greetings

Cordiality is essential when making a presentation in a company, and the same applies when writing an email in English to look for a job. you should always show yourself as a polite and kind personso that recruiters form a good impression about you.

Here are some suitable phrases you can use:

It is a pleasure to greet you.
Kind regards.
With previous thanks.
Greetings (yes, that simple).

Now, it is important that you avoid cliché phrases, and some of the most common are these two:

Please read. To whom it may concern.

Email body: The body paragraph

You’ve already introduced yourself and made it clear that you’re not a spam bot, so we come to the most important thing: the body of the email . The structure has to be attractive, entertaining, easy to read and always with high-value content. Likewise, it is convenient that you use data that you have not included in your resume.

Here are some additional suggestions:

Make a short presentation. Describe a recent accomplishment or responsibility. Explain your reasons for working at the company. Provide interesting suggestions or ideas.

📌tips: Recruiters value numbers and statistics, so don’t forget to put quantifiable achievements and percentages. You can also use personal qualities and professional objectives.

Example of the body of the email in English

My name is Alberto Cárdenas, Graphic Design Professional at MadriInkaTrends. I am currently the head of the marketing department and I have participated in the customer acquisition process. I am contacting you because I have seen a job offer to design advertising banners for Zectech.

I am very interested in the vacancy, as I have the necessary skills and experience to face and overcome challenges. I want to boost the company’s economic performance, attract more customers, and give it a better corporate image.

I am characterized by being an efficient, responsible professional with affinity in the sector, in addition to extensive knowledge of clients and brands. Likewise, I have a couple of interesting ideas to increase the positioning in social networks that I am sure you will like.

Farewell: Farewells

Now that they have your email in English ready to look for a job, it’s time to close it with a flourish, as the saying goes. And although it seems like an extremely simple section, the truth is that it has its trick and you have to be very careful.

If you show excessive enthusiasm or, conversely, if your motivation is low, you will be less likely to succeed. So if you want to be hired, say goodbye simple, friendly and formalalways leaving the doors open for communication.

Use a final sentence that ends your email, put your name and contact information again.

Useful phrases to say goodbye

You can use some of the following alternatives, which, although they are classic, are the ones that provide the best results:

Thank you very much, I look forward to your reply. Regards/warm regards/kind regards/ best regards I remain at your disposal. With no other particulars, I bid you farewell. Have a happy day. Sincerely yours. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Signature: Firm

If you do not put the signature, your email and English to look for work will be incomplete. It is the smallest sentence of the entire writing, but one of the most impressive. Do not think that it is not important, because it is what gives you the unique and professional touch to your mail. You cannot send an email to a prestigious company if you do not put a signature.

Of course, without paper and pencil, you are surely wondering how to do it. Well, there are some platforms that allow you create electronic signatures and paste them into your documents . However, the simplest is to use the same email platform, without resorting to external programs.

We will take Gmail as a base, but the steps to follow are similar in almost all services:

Open your email. Go to the section Setting. Click on See all settings. Choose the section Signature. Add the text you want it to look like. Click on Save Changes.

Suggestions for making a quality signature

You may have seen hundreds of signatures that are big in character, quirky, and that you hardly understand. It’s true, the choice is personal and it doesn’t hurt to experiment. Even so, may not be the most appropriate for firms electronicor at least those that will be seen in your email and English to look for work.

Follow these three tips:

Prioritize readability. Convey your personality. Make it identify you anywhere.

Attached files

The final step in this tutorial on writing an email in English to send your CV is to attach the files. Now you have to upload your curriculum vitae, the cover letter and the rest of the relevant documents. Again, we take Gmail as an example, but you already know that the procedure is the same on almost all platforms:

Enter your email. Write the content with our instructions. Click on the button Attach files. Locate the documents you are going to upload on your computer. Click on Open.

All that remains is to enter the recipient’s email address and send your resume.

How to optimize email in English to look for work

You don’t need a PhD in literature to write an email, but you do need to follow the guidelines we’ve given you. They are quite simple, but effective, increasing the chances of being hired. Anyway, if you want to be the best in the recruitment processHere are some extra tips:

Use a clear and direct subject line. Address the reader personally. Briefly explain who you are. Make it clear that you are available for an interview. Complete with a cover letter.

What tone should you use for the email?

The neutral tone is the most successful, at least in most cases. You should not go to either extreme.being too informal or using overly fancy phrases.

The goal is to convey trust, professionalism and objectivitywithout generating tensions or misunderstandings.

Common mistakes when sending a CV by email

Small mistakes can make the difference between being hired or completely dismissed. For this reason, be careful not to make the following mistakes:

Using irrelevant data. Filler information that does not add anything of value detracts from your presentation.
Use a bad font. Not all fonts are easy to read, there are even some that tire the eyes.
Choosing the wrong time. A…