Electronic technician resume: guide to write it properly

A electronic technician resume You must have information that helps the recruiter create a good professional and personal image of you. For this, your content must be relevant to him and adapted to the job applied for.

If you want to make sure you write a resume that stands out, continue reading this article. we will give you one Complete guide to writing a professional’s own writing.

Electronic Technician Resume Example

Fernando Munoz
Electronic technician expert in the preparation of wiring plans
Contact information
Calle de la Senyera, Valencia, Spain
[email protected]
000 000 000

Professional profile
Electronic technician with 3 and a half years of experience. I have specialized in the design, installation and realization of wiring plans. In addition, I am capable of calculating and executing electrical equipment of the industrial type. In the company where I currently work, I have managed to reduce the occurrence of errors in the equipment by 65%.

electronic technician
Valetronic SA Company, Valencia, Spain
March 2020 – Present

I searched for errors in PCB components and resolved them.
Developed programs for the proper functioning of production robots.
I checked the installations of the equipment and its wiring.
I reduced the errors of the company’s electrical equipment by 65%.
I attended business clients to give technical advice.
I visited 23 clients to carry out preventive and corrective work on their equipment.

electronic engineer assistant
Manufacturing industry Ven, Valencia, Spain
October 2018 – February 2020

I participated in the programming of PLCs.
I searched for the necessary components to repair the machines.
I repaired 4 industrial automation installations.
I was part of a team that designed, calculated and executed industrial equipment.
I prepared the technical documentation corresponding to the work carried out.

Technician in Electronics and Industrial Electronics
polytechnic university of Valencia
September 2014 – July 2018

Professional skills

Team coordination.
Realization of plans of wired systems.
Execution of industrial electronic equipment.
Knowledge of microcontrollers and microprocessors.
Design and analysis of circuits.
Problem resolution.

Additional Information

Expert handling of the Arduino IDE software.
ACMT Certification.
English (B1).

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How to make an electronic technician resume?

The content of your CV must demonstrate that you are an electronic technician who meets what the company is looking for in its future new employee. To make it, You must write the information in all sections clearly . Besides, use keywords to make your resume stand out and grab the recruiter’s attention.

“What type of CV should I use?”

There are three types or formats for the Curriculum vitae: chronological, functional and mixed. The ideal for your profession is the mixedbecause, in addition to being ordered chronologically and vice versa, it gives the necessary importance to professional skills.

In addition to format, one factor that contributes to resume order is the structure, the one you should apply is 👇

Full name, title and contact information. Professional profile. Experience. Academic training. Skills. Additional Information.

Start with your personal data and a descriptive title

Your personal and contact information It should be easy to locate on the CV electronic technician. Therefore, it is located in the header, the first thing to write is your names and surnames.

As for the contact details, the main ones are: email and personal phone number. Besides, If you wish, you can add the link to a professional social network or in which you can learn more about your performance as an electronic technician.

A fundamental piece of information in the header is the title, we are not talking about writing “Curriculum vitae of…“, but a descriptive title. In it you write about a skill or experience that helps you stand out and show that you are a professional who deserves to fill the vacancy.

The header of the resume is written as follows 👇

Angela Torres
Electronic technique specialized in the assembly of prototypes
Contact information
Antonio Ballesteros Street, Seville, Spain
[email protected]
000 000 000

Write adequately about your professional experiences

The section titled “Experience” is very important in your resume, as it allows the recruiter to determine what your professional performance is like. However, that does not mean that its writing is too difficult, in fact, it is simple. Do not give a general description of your jobsbut dedicate yourself to writing about each position you have held.

The first thing to do is write the name of the job, then the name of the company and the dates you worked for it . When you enter this data, make a list, not of your functions or tasks that you have completed, but of Notable achievements from your previous jobs.

The correct way to write this section is as follows 👍


electronic technician
Power Company, Vizcaya, Spain
June 2020 – March 2022

I carried out installation, preventive and corrective work on industrial systems.
I installed and started monitoring tools.
I designed and used models for the functional verification of the systems.

📌 “What to do if I don’t have experience as an electronic technician?” You can include your professional practices or jobs that are of interest to the recruiter, such as those carried out with the technological area. For more information, read the guide on How to write a perfect resume (even without experience).

Specify your academic background

Applicants to electronics technician jobs may have completed a wide variety of technology related careers. Of course, if you have studied electronics, you will have an advantage over other candidates.

It is recommended that you add to your electronic technician CV only higher education. If you reached an academic achievement that increases the value of your candidacy, write about it briefly, in the same way that achievements are added in the section of career history.

The information that makes up the education section is as follows 👇

Course completed or name of degree obtained. University or other educational center. Start and end date of your studies.

When you write the academic formation in your Curriculum vitaeuse the following example as a guide 👇

Higher Degree in Electrotechnical and Automated Systems
MEDAC Official Institute of Distance Vocational Training, Madrid, Spain
September 2015 – July 2018

The Perfect Skills for Your Electronics Technician Resume

Even if your experience and education may be similar to those of the other candidates, skills are able to help you excel. These will set you apart from other applicants and strengthen the recruiter’s image of you.

The “Skills” section of your electronics technician resume is made up of a list of up to 8 technical and personal skills. The first ones are very relevant, since they are the ones you can use to demonstrate what are the knowledge and experiences that differentiate you from other applicants.

“What skills to add on my resume?”

Next, we tell you which are the ones that will stand out the most 👇

hard skills

PLC programming. Maintenance of security systems. Checking the wiring of the systems. Management of tools such as oscilloscopes and voltmeter. Design and execution of system validation tests. Knowledge of computer science and controller programming. Repair of engines, electronic circuits and test units. Preventive review and maintenance of industrial electronic equipment.

Soft skills

Flexible approach. Teamwork. Team coordination. Problem resolution. Communicative skills. Proper stress management. Ability to prioritize tasks. Generation of technical documentation.

Write a professional profile that helps create a good image of you

We can say that the professional profile is the introduction of your Curriculum vitae, your goal when writing it should be to convince the reader to know the rest of the content of the document. To achieve this, we suggest write about points that stand out, such as experiences that set you apart of other candidates, skills and knowledge.

Before writing about the aspects mentioned in the paragraph, mention your profession and years of experience what do you own

A proper wording for this important section of your resume is as follows 👍


Electronic technician with 6 years of experience. In my current job I have been in charge of the design and implementation of security systems. In addition, I specialize in the maintenance of electrical systems of machines used in production processes.

Additional information for your resume

In the last section of your Curriculum vitae of electronic technician you write data that increases the value of your candidacy, but that you have not had the opportunity to mention in the previous sections. For example, courses or technology skills that They are not requirements to obtain the job, but they help you to be a more complete technician.

The information that you can include in this section of your CV is the following 👇

Management of useful systems or programs

Currently, electronic technicians use different programs to fulfill their functions in less time. Among them is Arduino (to program plates), KiCad (to create printed circuits and electronic schematics) and ProfiCAD (design electronic diagrams).

If you know how to handle this type of program, clarify it in your Curriculum vitae. When you do it you only have to write the name of the program and how much you know how to use it. Includes a Phrase such as “Expert profiCAD use” or “Basic use of KiCad”.

Certifications and courses

The knowledge you acquire in the courses complement those you obtained in your main education. Therefore, you should not fail to mention in your CV the courses you have taken or the certifications you have received.

It only includes certifications and courses that are employment related to which you applied. If you mention a certification, just write the exact name of it.

In case you attach a course, write its degree, the institution in which you did it and the year.


It is normal that among the requirements for an electronic technician job is to speak another language, usually, is English. In most cases, candidates are required to have at least a basic knowledge of English or any other language that is regularly used in the company.

Not only names the foreign language you speak, but also how much knowledge do you have in it. For this…