Driver cover letter: step by step to write it

With the latter you complement your CV and strengthen your candidacy.

Is this your first time writing a cover letter or do you want it to have a better effect this time than the last time you sent one? Excellent! In CV Sample we offer you the guide you needwith us you will learn to write each paragraph that makes up this type of letter.

Also, for the guide to be complete, throughout this article we give you exampleswith them you will learn to apply our advice.

Example of a driver’s cover letter

The driver’s cover letter is not just any letter, it has the ability to play an important role when you apply for a job offer. With it, the recruiter has the opportunity to learn more about your candidacy, but from a more personal point of view.

“Do I really need to send a cover letter along with my resume?”

Not all companies expect job candidates to submit this document. However, these days most recruiters expect them to. As the Adecco Foundation explains, the cover letter has become a complementary and differentiating element of other job applicants.

Due to what has been said so far, you should not hesitate to write this type of letter. For drivers, the following example will be useful 👇

Arnoldo Gutierrez
Phone: 000 000 000
Email: [email protected]

Gregory Navarro
Human resources manager
Transportation Services Company September
Camino Nuevo Picaña, Valencia, Spain
July 4, 2022

Respected Mr. Navarro

The reason for this letter is to apply for the job offer for drivers and published on the company’s LinkedIn profile. For 8 years I have worked in different companies in Valencia, Madrid and Salamanca serving as a driver. In addition, I have been a private driver and delivery man.

During my professional career I have made long and short distance trips, I have not had accidents and I have characterized myself by respecting traffic laws. While working at Transportes Especiales, I was recognized as the best driver of the month on 7 occasions.

I have the ability to plan routes with the aim of making safe and fast deliveries in both urban and rural areas. Thanks to this, in my last job I reduced delivery times by 30% without jeopardizing the delivered products and obtaining 95% customer satisfaction.

It is important that I clarify that I have the capacity to transport both people and materials and equipment of different types. Also, my driving license is type C1.

In the attached CV you will be able to learn more about my work experiences and the training that has helped me to acquire the knowledge that I have. If you consider it convenient to clarify any aspect exposed in my CV or in this letter, you can contact me at the telephone number, email or LinkedIn profile specified at the beginning.

Without further ado, he cordially says goodbye,

Arnoldo Gutierrez

How to write a driver introduction letter?

It’s true that the cover letter is a more personal way to introduce yourself to the recruiter and help them create an image of you. However, that doesn’t mean you should use informal language, just like your resume, be professional, clear and, above all, brief. The ideal extension of this letter is one page .

In it you describe the skills, experiences and knowledge that best suit the job position you are applying for. In this way, you will demonstrate that you have the potential that the company is looking for in its drivers.

the cover letter is not a copy of your Curriculum vitae, but a complement of this, remember it. For the letter to be ordered, follow this structure 👇

Candidate and recruiter data. Greeting. Introduction or presentation. Development, the body of the letter, here you talk about the aspects that strengthen your candidacy. Call to action (closing). Farewell.

Now, let’s see how to write each of these sections.

Write the headline optimally

The header is made up of the candidate and recruiter information, the first thing to write is your data. In addition to adding your full name, provide a phone number where the business can contact you and an email address.

You can also add a link to your profile on a platform like LinkedIn. After completing your information, write the recruiter’s. In this case, add the following data 👇

Full name. Position occupied in the company. Company name. Address.

Make sure that the information is updated, that is, that whoever you mention still occupies the requested position. To finish the headline, write the date you send the cover letter, the format to use is (day) of (month) of (year) . If you are applying to a company located in another country, research how it is customary to write the date on it.

đź’ˇ “Who can my cover letter be addressed to?” In addition to the recruiter, you can direct it to the head of the department in which you will work or to the director of the company.


samuel torres
Phone: 000 000 000
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 000 000 000

Francisco Dominguez
Director of the Logistics Department
Transportes Meridiano, Las Palmas, Spain
July 11, 2022

Sarai Vazquez
Telephone: 000 000 000; Email: [email protected]
Isaac Ramos
Terra Transport Agency, Barcelona, ​​Spain
June 27, 2022

How should the presentation be for jobs as a driver?

In the presentation we include the greeting and the introduction that you write for your cover letter. Let’s focus on the greeting, this is very important, because, although it is brief, with it you mark the formal language that you will apply in the rest of your letter.

“What salutations can I use in my cover letter?”

Next, we leave you some appropriate phrases 👇

Distinguished Mr. Sánchez.
Dear Mr. Sanchez.
Mr Pedro Sanchez.

If you decide to use a different greeting than the one on this list, make sure it’s just as short and informal as the examples. On the line that follows your salutation, write the introduction of your cover letter. When you do this, keep in mind that recruiters are often very busy, reviewing dozens of applications.

Due to the limited time that recruiters have free, it is best to write a short introduction. In it you explain the reason for the letter, that is, apply for a job. Also, if possible, mention the medium in which you found out about the vacancy.

Then specify how many years of experience you have and add one or more highlights of your candidacy. For example, skills or experiences that make you a perfect candidate for the job. The introductory paragraph of your driver cover letter should not be longer than 4 lines.

correct example


Respected Mr. Ruiz

The reason for the letter is to apply as a driver for your family according to the advertisement published in the local newspaper. I have 5 years of experience, in the last 3 years I have specialized in private transport. I have a B driving license, I am punctual and I am available to travel out of town.

The candidate who wrote this presentation followed the advice we explained in the previous section. The first thing the applicant did was explain the reason for the letter, where did you see the job offer and how many years of experience do you have.

In addition, the applicant mentioned a point that is interesting for the employer: He has experience in private transport, that is, he has been a personal driver. Since this is the position that is available, the employer will undoubtedly be interested in a candidate with previous experience.

The candidate also mentioned Useful aspects for someone looking for a personal chauffeursuch as punctuality and availability to travel.

wrong example


Dear friend Camilla

I am interested in the driver vacancy in your company.

The first mistake the applicant makes is greet the recruiter informally. Phrases like “Good morning, Leonardo” or “Hey, Carlos!” they are not appropriate for your cover letter.

On the other hand, the introduction, like the greeting, is informalFurthermore, it is not clear or brief. The consequence of making these mistakes is that the letter will be unattractive to the recruiter.

Include the appropriate points in the development or body of your letter

You’ve already written a presentation that arouses the recruiter’s interest, now the goal is to maintain that interest until the letter is finished. The 2-3 paragraphs from the body of your letter They must contain the reasons why you are the ideal candidate.

In the development of the driver’s cover letter, you write about experiences, skills and achievements that the recruiter considers reasons to consider your candidacy. The paragraphs in this section can have between 4 and 5 lines, no more, since the document cannot have blocks of text that make it difficult to read.

“What are the best things to mention in a cover letter?”

It all depends on what each employer is looking for, not all establish the same requirements for candidates. To find out what is best for you, read the job offer and determine which points of your candidacy best suit what the company is looking for.

correct example


As a delivery driver I have achieved several achievements, one of the most notable is reducing delivery times by 40% while working at Domino’s Pizza. The satisfaction of the customers to whom I made deliveries was 85%, because I was precise in bringing their food in perfect condition.

I know all the routes in Madrid very well, including some shortcuts that allow me to make deliveries in less time. In addition, I expertly use all technology that allows me to be more efficient in my job as a delivery person, such as GPS and home delivery applications.

Finally, my social skills allow me to serve customers in the best way and, in this way, leave a good impression on the company and its employees.

The body of this letter has the appropriate extension, that will contribute to the fact that the document is made up of one page and no more. Besides, the candidate knew how to choose the aspects to mentionthis will help the recruiter to form an excellent image of him.

The job applicant took into account what the company is looking for, therefore, he mentioned fundamental skills in a delivery driver and achievements that strengthen his candidacy. On the other hand, the sentences are clear and professional language is used when exposing each point.

đź’ˇ Note: If you have no experience, write about your goals in the world of work and how the knowledge and skills you have fit into the job offer.

wrong example


I take advantage of this letter to mention the reasons you have for hiring me: I am a bus driver with enviable experience. Believe me when I tell you that not everyone has worked in the companies that I have…