As dramatic we call that belonging or relating to the drama. The drama, as such, is a literary genre that is characterized by having been conceived to be stagedeither in a theatrical, television or cinematographic manner.

The dramatic genre, for its part, It is one that presents stories and situations to be represented on stage.

In this sense, it is characterized by fundamentally using dialogue as an expressive resource, since in drama, as such, there is no story, but rather the representation of actions or conflicts that go through the lives of the characters.

In this way, the dramatic genre covers all subgenres of dramaboth in theater, television or cinema, from tragedy to comedy, passing through the entremés, the sainete, as well as its modern expressions in the theater of the absurd, the experimental or the social.

The word dramatic, for its part, is an adjective that comes from Latin dramatĭcusand this in turn from the Greek δραματικός (dramatikos).

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