Dog Definition

The dog is a mammal that has a very variable size, as there are small, medium and large breeds and each of them has been selected and domesticated by man for some purpose. Thus, there are presa dogs such as the American Stanford, the Brazilian fila or the bullmastiff. Some breeds have been trained as herding dogs (the Australian shepherd or the border colie).

Hunting is another function that dogs can perform (hounds, pointiers or beagles are especially gifted for this activity). The tasks that they can carry out are very diverse: as guide dogs for the blind, as police collaborators to detect drugs, to accompany people with physical limitations, to look for food, to help in rescue tasks, to detect cancer or as simple pets.

In any case, the dog is a very versatile animal and physiologically it has a very unique characteristic: very powerful olfactory receptors, to the point that its sense of smell is a million times superior to that of humans.

The dog and the humans

Humans have used dogs for thousands of years. Apart from its wide capacities and its versatility, the dog is an animal that adapts very well to the family environment.

In practice, it is one more member of the family, with its own personality and customs. It could be said that it is a humanized animal. In fact, not only do they live with man, but they also have a whole series of human aspects at their disposal: veterinarians to take care of their health, specific parks for their physical activity, specialized stores, hotels that admit them as clients, beauty contests, etc. specialized publications, trainers and a long list of possibilities.

The history of the dog has evolved at the same rate as human history

There is data indicating that dogs were present in the main migratory movements of thousands of years ago. The dog has been a perfect ally for agricultural and livestock activity and in the urban world it also has a prominent role. From the social point of view, it is considered as a faithful friend for humans. The links between humans and dogs are revealed in all kinds of circumstances.

Somehow, the dog and the man have something in common, since like the humans the dogs can act with very noble ends or for atrocious actions (for example, the fights of dogs).

The dog and human language

The human dimension of the dog is revealed in everyday language. In this sense, there are many expressions that refer to them. A dog’s life is a hard life. It is said that someone is a dog when he is a lazy person. On the other hand, the dog is very present in proverbs (each dog with its own bone, a barking dog with little biting, the same dog with a different collar and many other proverbs).

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