Determination Definition

The word determination admits several uses in our language, although, among the most widespread, without a doubt, the one that expresses through it stands out decision and resolution regarding something.

Decision regarding a matter

That is, when the word is used in that sense it is because a decision will be made regarding a situation to be resolved. “I have already made the determination to end my relationship with Patricio, he has no future and it hurts me.”

So, the most used synonym for this reference is that of decision.

People are super familiar with determinations, because every day we are making some in relation to the various situations that our life presents us, choices that we make and proceed to specify in everyday life.

All determinations are driven by a specific objective, a fact that will be taken into account to evaluate good or bad determinations.

However, beyond the previous considerations that can be made to avoid making bad decisions, there will always be a margin of error and it is possible that a bad decision is made that brings us negative consequences.

In any case, even if the results are not good, it is always possible to rethink and make a new determination that produces better results than those obtained in the first choice.

For this reason that we are commenting, it is common that in those levels in which decisions are constantly made, a special strategy is developed, a plan is followed, with the mission of making as few mistakes as possible.

The objective, putting into practice such a strategy, is to achieve a positive determination that produces optimal results.

People who hold important positions and who are in charge of making decisions that affect a large number of people must have this assistance in order to make as few mistakes as possible.

There are professionals who are dedicated to this task precisely of advising executives, politicians and companies to bring them closer to successful determinations.

Boldness and courage that someone presents

On the other hand, the determination may consist of the audacity, the courage or daring with which a person acts, behaves, in a certain situation.

You have to show greater determination to your son, otherwise he will always take you ahead. Thanks to his determination, he graduated before the end of the year..”

In other words, this sense of the term is especially used to indicate the absence or presence of value in someone.

The other side will be hesitation, because whoever acts with hesitation in the face of something will not have firmness or security in the steps they take in their lives, and this will be noticed, because they will be observed before each determination with doubts, with uncertainties, without knowing exactly what path to take to be successful.

Meanwhile, this will not happen to the determined person, much less because he is absolutely sure of himself and is convinced that what he is doing is the path to success.

It is common for all of us at some point in life to hesitate before making a choice, however, when this is repeated it will indicate the internal insecurity we suffer from.

setting limits about something

Another use that is also attributed to the word is that of setting the limits that something will present.

If a concrete and efficient determination of borders is not carried out, we will suffer a constant problem of illegal trade.”

characteristics of something

Also, the word is used to define the characteristics that something has.

The doctor sent him to do several studies in order to reach a definitive determination of his disease.

Among the most used synonyms for these last two senses of the word indicated, stands out that of assessment.

Meanwhile, the opposing concept is that of indecisionwhich precisely refers to the difficulty that someone presents when having to decide on something.

Self-determination: independence from a person or group that allows you to make your own decisions

For her part, the self determination It consists of the independence that a person, a group, an entity has, and that will then allow them to make their own decisions on matters of interest without having to consult the decision with anyone.