Definition of Versatility

More than one value, use and application

The concept of polyvalence is used to designate the polyvalent property that something has. It will be said of something that it is versatile when it has more than one value, use or application.

The concepts of polyvalence and polyvalent are applied in various fields, however, in some, such as the medical field, it is where it is most familiar to us, since it is used in association with issues such as vaccines. When a vaccine is polyvalent it is because its application will be efficient when it comes to combating various pathogens.

On the other hand, when the concept is applied to people, it allows us to account for the value it holds in various contexts or that it is capable of offering us more than one service or solution to the problems that arise.

Basically then the multipurpose will be valuable, outstanding or useful in some way.

Versatility, a value demanded in the workplace

With a concrete example we will better see the scope of the concept… When, at the request of a company, an employee is said to be multi-skilled, it is because it has been proven that he can perform more than one function or task, beyond the one originally developed and for which was hired.

This versatility can be influenced by the versatility of the employee, which allows them to quickly learn other tasks, or even the fact of being a veteran employee, that is, if they have been working for a long time in the company, this will give them extra knowledge about everyone. the movements and operations of the personnel that will allow him, for example, to replace a colleague who was absent.

As a consequence, more and more companies incline their job searches towards professionals who respond satisfactorily in the aspect of versatility. Because it is one more value that the candidate can possess, as well as knowing languages, computing, among others.

Application of the concept in Chemistry

Meanwhile, in chemistry, polyvalent is called that chemical element that has several valences. Valences are the numbers that allow us to know the ability to combine one atom with another and thus reach the creation of a compound.

We must say that the one we are dealing with is not a concept used by all, it is more common for it to be used in formal contexts and not in everyday language. To refer to exactly the same thing, it is more common for people to use the term polyfunctional.