Definition of Unfading

The word unfading refers that such and such cannot wither away. Meanwhile, for witherthe following situations can be referred to: fade, dry up, tarnish, weaken, take away the vigorbecause although the word wither is used mostly in relation to plants and flowers, it is also common to use it to refer to an individual who, due to a life situation, for example, a disease, manifests an outstanding lack of vigor, dullness, weakness, in comparison with which he displayed before he fell ill.

Just as human beings need to hydrate and eat so that our cells and the rest of our organs continue to function properly, plants, from the moment they germinate until they become plants or trees, need to absorb water to function optimally, so otherwise, the complete absence of water will end up withering them until they finally die. Because of this situation, it is so important and decisive that if we have plants, flowers, we take special care of them with regard to this issue.

The first indication that tells us that a plant or flower is not feeding correctly is precisely its wilting, while if one observes this condition, it should be immediately watered again to recover the lost vigor, this of course as long as there is no been too long.

Some essential conditions and techniques for a plant to be effectively unfading are: placing the pot in a container with gravel, placing the plants in groups, placing the plant in a larger container, and inserting the pot into a bed of moss. of wet peat bog, this in terms of the measures that tend to the increased humidity; meanwhile, for decrease humiditysomething that sometimes also affects the plants, it is recommended: move the plants away from the sun, ensure good ventilation without drafts and cut off the dry or withered parts.