Definition of Tryhard and Farmear (gaming)

In the field of video games, Tryhard understands the idea of ​​doing as much as possible to achieve a specific objective, and Farming, for his part, implies gathering resources in order to improve or buy the items that one owns. We analyze both conceptions in this note.

From its first appearances with a primitive pinball, through Mario Bross to virtual reality, video games are in constant evolution. This process of change has increased in the last decade with the advent of new technologies.

Many types of games have been created: platform games, arcade, action, strategy, etc. Strategy games in particular have been very successful, especially among the middle-aged audience, as they contain elements of fantasy, mythological figures, magical powers and unreal worlds that are especially suggestive.

All this makes gaming very attractive and to practice it you need a dose of strategy and skill.


The word tryhard comes from English and could be translated as “try hard” or “try your best”

The gamer world comes mainly from the US and applied this term to a strategy of multiplayer games. So, tryharding means playing in such a way that your only goal is to win the game by putting a lot of effort and effort into it. This way of playing can be detrimental to the fun of the game itself.

Players who follow this criteria are usually quite experienced. This type of player normally arouses feelings of rejection in others, since their impetus and desire to win prevent others from enjoying the game.


This word also comes from English, specifically from the word farm and farmer, which mean farm and farmer respectively.

In the world of video games, farming can be understood as “the one who collects”. In some video games (for example League of Legends) during the game the characters collect money, either for victories or deaths.

In this context, the action of farming means collecting and earning money in the course of a game. This is what allows a player to upgrade their characters, buy accessories for them, etc.

The jargon specific to video games

A wide vocabulary has already been consolidated in this sector. Tryhard and farmear are two examples, but we could use many other words or diminutives, such as Rofl, LMFAO, GRATZ!, WTF?, WTG or ZOMG. All of them are in common use among the players, but words and acronyms without any meaning for those who are outside of this activity. These expressions are typical of online games, but they are also used in other communication contexts.

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