Definition of Thesis

The thesis is a proposition or thoughtwhose veracity was demonstrated and justified through the presentation of arguments or some evidence.

It is common and compulsory subject in most academic careers that are dictated in the Universities that exist throughout the world and whose objective is to forge suitable and responsible professionals, the presentation first and then the approval of a thesis to achieve the corresponding title or academic degree.

Among the most salient characteristics that a thesis should observe are the following: reaching a clear and defined conclusion, not being the result of a copy, when the time comes for its defense, strictly respecting the postulates that were written and defended, not contradict the foundations promoted by another thesis that was approved, not observe logical contradictions, not be obvious and be supported by verifiable facts.

As I commented above, among the different theses that exist, The doctoral is the most regular and well-known and it is a work done by machine or by computer, which will range between 150 and 400 pages, in which a student will attend and deal with a problem related to the studies for which he wants to obtain a doctorate. since the approval of the same allows to achieve the degree of doctor, in some cases, or of degree in others.

The realization of a thesis supposes a process that is composed of several steps such as: the choice of a tutor or doctor who will be the one who will have the task of guide and adviser, the choice of the topic that should be wide enough to allow an extensive research, planning, since it is a long job, it will require organization and establishing the dedication times for each area to be investigated, documentation, which will involve looking for those jobs that are identified or related to our topic, the experimental part in if necessary and from which some conclusions can be tested, data analysis, in this step it is assumed that we must extract what is most salient and outstanding and leave aside what does not serve our objective, the wording that is the step through which all the arguments will be systematized and finally the public defense of the same, generally, before an evaluating panel made up of experts and professionals.

And finally the thesis must have the following parts: introduction, development, conclusions, bibliography and index.