Definition of Sanitation

Procedures that have the mission of recovering, repairing or cleaning something

The concept of sanitation is used in our language to indicate that action that involves carrying out a set of procedures that have the mission of recovering, repairing or cleaning something from dirt or impurities.

However, this repair, cleaning or recovery may be intended for: a natural environment such as the water of a lake or a river that, for example, was affected by the contamination of some compound; the finances of a company or organization that demand transparency; a public building, among so many plausible issues to be the object of sanitation.

Reduce present pollution and improve environmental quality

In any case, we must say that the term is widely used in the area of ​​environmental care to refer to sanitation that demands some space to precisely reduce the contamination present and improve the environmental quality that it had and that clearly in the state in which it is found. It turns out to be a danger to the life of the flora, fauna and human beings of that place.

Unfortunately, pollution is a reality that many regions of our planet suffer from and that also affects the waters. The interaction that people and animals have with them is a safe path to disease, while the sanitation action is intended to put an end to these situations and that we can all enjoy a cleaner and healthier planet because if we don’t neither will we be.

Basically, these sanitation actions consist of treating wastewater, removing waste and reducing the emission of polluting gases, among others.

A duty of the state

The tasks of water sanitation, for example, is a duty of the state and must, by case, allocate the resources and efforts of the relevant government areas to fulfill that duty. But the state does not always comply with this obligation and that is where non-governmental organizations and citizens appear, residents of contaminated areas, who carry out the task with the resources available. This should not be so but unfortunately it happens a lot in the absence of the state.

Actions that are implemented with the intention of improving an economic situation

On the other hand, sanitation is widely used in the economic field to refer to those actions that are implemented with the intention of improving the economic situation of a nation or a company that is downcast or complicated in some way.

The concept is also used in some parts to designate the furniture equipment whose mission is hygiene and personal hygiene and that, of course, we find in the toilets.