Definition of Proposal

The word proposal It has several uses, while one of the most common turns out to be that of proposition, invitation, that someone makes to another individual with the intention of carrying out some activity, end, or common objective. “Juan made me a proposal to work together this summer on the beach and I accepted..”

Invitation or offer that someone makes to another for some purpose that benefits or concerns both

The proposal is always taken as an invitation or offer that one person makes to another or others, with the mission of achieving some objective that concerns everyone, for example, that a business, an idea, an interpersonal relationship can be floated. , a work project, among others.

Formalization through a contract

When it comes to proposals that are enrolled in the field of business, once they move towards their completion, it is common for them to be formalized through a document known as a contract, which provides the situation with a legal framework. and absolutely valid.

Once the intervening parties have signed the contract in question, they will not be able to disassociate themselves and must strictly comply with the duties and obligations set forth therein, as long as it has not been formalized, a person or group can back down and reject a proposal, even if in initially accepted it.

Proposals can be sent to others in the most diverse contexts and have to do with so many issues.

Labor and marriage are usually the most common proposals we come across.

Job proposals and marriage

A job proposal arises when an employer needs to fill a vacant position in his company and for this he can turn to acquaintances and friends to recommend someone he trusts.

There are employers who prefer to hire people by recommendation of acquaintances and not by the publication of a classified ad, or the traditional selection of personnel.

Once they find a suitable candidate, they will approach the job proposal they have for him: activity to be carried out, working hours, remuneration, among other conditions.

Continuing in the sense of the term just exposed, it is common for the word proposed to be used at the request of the marriage proposals, that is, when the groom proposes to his girlfriend to marry him, it is spoken in terms of a marriage proposal. “I can’t believe that Mario finally made me the marriage proposal, which, of course, I accepted!”.

In this proposal, it is usually the boyfriend who proposes to his girlfriend, although there are cases in which the proposal is given the other way around, the woman makes it to the boyfriend, meanwhile, once she is accepted, they will agree in establishing the date, how the celebration will take place, the guests, defining the godparents and where, and the most classic decide to seal that agreement with the exchange of engagement rings.

manifestation of a plan

On the other hand, the word proposal is usually used to account for the manifestation of an idea or plan to someone who has a specific purpose.

We find this use mostly in the world of work, of companies, in which the presentation of plans, new projects, by employees, is recurrent, to direct them to directors, managers and owners, who are those individuals with decision-making capacity. in the company.

Among the most common purposes are: maximizing the sales of a company or getting a greater number of customers, as appropriate.

Also, at suggestion that one person makes about another to apply for a job or to access a certain position or scale, is popularly known as a proposal. “The president presented the proposal of a relative for the position of attorney, such an act is inadmissible. Hopefully my boss accepts Juan’s proposal, since he needs the job.”

And at the behest of Marketingis called value proposal to that business maneuver that seeks to maximize demand based on the optimal structuring of the offer, thus, those issues of a product or service that is known to be most appreciated by demand will be greatly overestimated.