definition of poetry

The poetry section of bookstores and libraries displays collections of poems by famous and lesser-known authors who share their writings with the public through the publication of their works. Poetry is a less sold genre than the novel. The poets gather a selection of poems through the preparation of a collection of poems that they can publish through a book on paper or through the digital format.

An author can also self-publish his own collection of poems at the cost of financing the presentation of his work. This is the medium most used by those amateur poets who want to make their dream of being able to share their writings with the public come true. There are also many authors who send their collections of poems to different publishers with the aim of finding a medium that is interested in publishing the work and supporting the project.

It is common that when a collection of poems is published, reviews of it are shared in poetry magazines and specialized blogs.

selection of poems

The collection of poems that make up a collection of poems maintains a unit through the choice of a specific theme. For example, love. In which case, the author brings together lyrical texts that revolve around this universal feeling. It should be pointed out that the poems that make up a collection of poems do not have to show real events that have happened to the author, but rather can be a reflection of the poetic self.

When making a collection of poems, it is also advisable to write an introduction to provide the reader with the information they need to delve into the reading of the verses. It should be pointed out that a collection of poems can have different lengths, although in most cases, collections of poems have fewer pages than a novel.

There are many poetry and literature workshops in which students share their collections of poems together, reflect on their sensations, perceptions and poetic reflections. In addition, when an author publishes a collection of poems, he also makes a presentation of the book that can take place in a bookstore that organizes cultural events.

poetry contests

The best-selling collections of poems are those whose authors are famous. Many new authors try their luck in poetry contests since many of these contests for writers offer the publication of a collection of poems by the winning author as a prize. And this merit offers added value to the author’s literary curriculum, in addition to giving him a greater projection.

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