Definition of oral

That which is linked to the mouth or that is expressed through words and not in writing

The concept of oral is used in our language fundamentally with two senses. On the one hand, to refer to everything linked to the mouth, which is that part of our face through which drinks and food enter, and which also houses the teeth with which we grind them.

The mouth of the animals also fulfills the function of being the orifice through which food and drink enter and in some cases the part of the body with which they hunt other animals.

Also, in the case of people, the mouth is responsible for the words.

Oral expression is the main way of expression and transmitting customs

And on the other hand, the term oral is used to indicate what is expressed through words and not in writing. Without a doubt, expression, oral communication is the main way that people have when it comes to expressing ourselves and maintaining contact with another individual.

But through orality, not only have people communicated since time immemorial, but also the expression in words has been fundamental when it comes to transmitting from generation to generation uses and customs, the traditions of various cultures and civilizations, among other issues. .

Meanwhile, we must say that the concept of oral is especially associated with oral expression and that is why when we hear it we immediately think of the communication that involves the use of words.

Conforming oral expression favors comprehension and communication

Expressing yourself orally requires in some special cases, such as politicians, artists and teachers, special preparation and expertise in the matter. We all talk, of course, but in the situations that we indicate, an additional willingness to communicate is required because, of course, it is essential to do it clearly, forcefully, and most importantly: to achieve a purpose, which can be to convince, teach, excite, among others. issues.

But beyond these occupations that yes or yes demand a correct command of oral expression, in all cases and situations it is very important to know how to express yourself orally, because this will open many doors but it can also close them if the expression in this sense It is not good or appropriate.