Definition of Humanity

The concept of humanity It has several references in our language.

In its most general and broad use, it is said that humanity is that group made up of human beings. That is to say, that the concept is closely linked to the human race and then, when it is desired to mention the human race jointly and generally, the word humanity is used.
Every time you want to address a question that concerns all human beings, it is common to talk about humanity, for example, whenever it is necessary to talk about a topic that covers all humans, this term will be used.

On the other hand, humanity can be that kindness and sensitivity that a person shows to his neighbor and his peers and that is manifested in his way of acting, always tending to avoid any harm or complication in his existence and to lend a hand when they need it. .
Humane treatment is essential for a society to enjoy total harmony, however, it is important to note that not all the individuals that make up the community act towards others with humanity.
Humanity should be a quality to which we should all aspire for the duration of this life.

The concept that opposes this sense is that of cruelty because it implies a cruel and inhuman action and the absence of compassion, of empathy towards the suffering of others.

Another common use of the word is as a synonym for the human body, that is, to refer to the anatomy that a person has. His enormous humanity prevented me from picking him up off the ground when he fell, I needed the help of a passerby to do it. Laura was not shy and she showed her humanity on the surface on the beach.

And in the field of knowledge, humanity or humanities is that branch of knowledge that leans towards addressing matters such as language, culture and art, among others, that is, those that do not have a scientific and therefore they do not propose general and universal laws.