Definition of Half Board-Full Board

Both concepts are part of the terminology used in the hotel sector. Both are used to determine what services a customer has in connection with her stay at a hotel establishment.

half board

Better known by its acronym MP or also its name in English Half Board, this service refers to the meals associated with the reservation of a room. Thus, if a client pays for a room with half board, this means that the agreed price includes the room, breakfast and lunch or dinner, dinner being the most common.

Generally, MP clients are those who during their stay at the hotel carry out activities in other places, for example business meetings or tourist visits. This accommodation regime is ideal for those who want to sleep, have breakfast and dinner in the hotel, but during the rest of the day they are away from it.

The full pension

As its name indicates, Full Board or PC includes the following services in the agreed price: the room plus all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Not surprisingly, the PC is priced higher than the MP. The Full Board or Full Board in English is designed for a client who prefers to eat all meals of the day at the hotel itself.

The different accommodation regimes

When a client contacts a travel agency or a hotel to reserve a room, they can usually choose between several modalities. Thus, in addition to the MP or the PC, some establishments offer two other options: pay for the use of the room without any associated meals or pay for all the services included in the hotel, this option being better known as all-inclusive or all-inclusive. . In this sense, the PC should not be confused with the all-inclusive, since this regime refers to the three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus any service or activity that can be carried out in the hotel establishment.

hotel terminology

Half Board, Full Board or all inclusive are commonly used concepts in the hotel sector. However, there are many other terms that are equally common. Thus, the initials AD refer to bed and breakfast. Check in and check out are the terms used for the guest registration and check out process.

The concept of Full Credit is used to refer to unlimited credit for certain guests. The abbreviation Pax refers to the client, the Rate is the room rate, the rooming list is the complete list of hotel rooms and Vacant and ready refers to the room that is already ready for sale.

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