Definition of Free

Popularly, the term free is frequently used to designate what is done without the need for prior or subsequent payment.that is to say, any event, event, good or service that is provided, delivered to another, without a payment of money for receiving it, will be called free.

Free samples, free events

Traditionally, the products or services that we consume or the artistic events that we attend are not free, that is, they have a value, an assigned price, which we must pay if we want to consume or witness them, respectively.

It is not at all common for us to be given products, for example, if we go to a supermarket and want to buy something, we must always pay a price for what we have selected to buy, unless there is a promotion, something that is also common to appreciate. in supermarkets, and then they offer us a free trial of it or delivery of the product free of charge, but of course, it is for the only time, since as soon as the promotion ends if we want to consume it again we must pay for it.

This exposed modality is a strategy that has become very common at the request of the launch of a new product or the relaunch of an already known one but which has been improved at some point. Advertising and marketing use it a lot in various variants, in the aforementioned of delivering a free product in a supermarket, delivering a free sample of a product on the street, in a newspaper or magazine, or also offering for a period of time a free service for people to try.

On the other hand, the term free is also associated with the concept of free entry, which, at the request of a show, whether public or private, will mean that those who want to attend it will not have to pay any entry in advance to participate in it, but rather that they will be able to do it freely and without paying, only subjecting themselves as the only limitation to the physical availability of the place.

Governments in their eagerness to want to spread the culture of their country and include those with the lowest resources usually organize free artistic events so that people who cannot afford a ticket can still access the contemplation of various productions, artists, among others.

The concept in history

In the past, going back far back in time, the term free was used to designate those actions of the type of favor to which it was customary to respond at that time with thanks from the person who had been the beneficiary or depository of some favor..

Obviously and surely the surprise of many when discovering this issue around the term shows that this use today is absolutely obsolete, since it has lost all kinds of semantic link with the lexical origin that it had in the past, because as well We mentioned above, currently, the word free is only used to refer to those things that are not paid for with money, that is, it has lost that connotation of pleasure and gratitude to become a fundamentally economic term or that refers to money. , very far from favors and other herbs.