Definition of frankness

The word frankness refers sincerity and therefore those who have this quality will be characterized by honest, faithful, true actions and thinking, which will make us feel comfortable because we can trust that they will not deceive us. “Thank you for your frankness, if you hadn’t opened my eyes to the company’s maneuvers, surely I would have had problems. María’s frankness is one of her main virtues.”

Virtue characterized by sincerity and honesty in acting and thinking

The person who has this virtue is called frank and will be highly valued on the social level for having this tendency, inclination, in his way of being.

Candor implies a type of behavior in which lies and falsehoods have no place to beMeanwhile, it is linked to other terms such as: simplicity, veracity, naturalness, spontaneity and honesty.

In favor of the truth and against deceit and lies

In frankness there is an intensity in favor of the truth, which is decided to manifest openly and without conditioning from anything and anyone.

Meanwhile, this attitude and behavior of absolute manifestation of the truth should be towards others but also towards ourselves, that is, not lie to ourselves about what we really want in life, what we don’t, our ideas, beliefs and desires, even if they are unpleasant for some, or are disapproved by a group.

Also, in those people who prevail frankness there is a total and absolute respect for the truththat is, they will always act accordingly with what is said, never on the contrary.

So, the opposite of frankness, what will be present when there is no frankness will be the lie, falsehood and twisting.

In as much and of the hand of the frankness goes the honestywhich turns out to be precisely the quality of managing and expressing oneself frankly.

Always, the honest will worship the truth and will always have both their actions, their thoughts and relationships under this guide of the truth.

Influence of education and values ​​instilled by the family in childhood

It should be noted that frankness is a positive disposition that depends especially on the education that has been received, that is, an individual who was raised by his family following examples of truth and honesty, without a doubt, will observe this quality in his own way. From acting and thinking, on the other hand, whoever has been educated on the basis of lies, deceit and fear, will surely distance themselves naturally from frankness and will be much closer to deception.

In addition, the importance of frankness lies in the fact that with it unpleasant situations such as fights, discussions and anguish can be avoided, which in the long run affect the mental development of an individual.

In life there is everything, good, bad, nice, unpleasant, frank and sincere people, and those who are not, with all these types we interact and we can run into each other in life, now, find people who worship the The virtue of frankness will undoubtedly be invaluable luck, and not to mention if we ourselves worship this tendency and take it as a parameter of action in our lives, surely, at the end of the road, we will do better and we will be appreciated by our peers for be this way.

It should not be considered that by telling the truth and being frank about what we think of something or someone we will harm another or harm the process of something, on the contrary, our sincerity will add positively, as long as, of course, the truths with respect and commitment to others.

Having made this clarification, it is important that we do not forget to say that, like any other virtue, it is sometimes difficult to achieve 50 percent, and it must also be exercised wisely and in moderation, as we have pointed out, because extreme cases of frankness can lead to cruel manifestations. and the person getting used to that unfiltered way of saying things, without thinking that on the other side there may be someone who takes it badly and suffers for it.