Definition of Establishment

Place where a commercial activity is carried out

An establishment is that place in which a commercial, industrial or professional activity is carried out..

For example, A commercial type establishment is the store or premises in which one can find services or objects for sale, it is also known as a point of sale and as a trade.

In a commercial establishment, none of the goods or articles that are sold there are manufactured or produced, more than anything, it is assumed as an intermediary between the manufacturer of a type of product and the consumer of the same and is oriented to obtain economic benefits. .
With the exception of bakeries, sweet shops or restaurants, to mention some of the commercial establishments in which the producing class does operate on site.

They sell to the final consumer and are supplied from the wholesale market

However, these establishments generally serve the retail public, that is, the final consumer of the goods they sell and are the last link in the distribution chain. In turn, they are supplied from the wholesale market.
Retail business establishments buy in large quantities from manufacturers or importers directly or through an intermediary.
Then, it sells retail, that is, in small quantities to the public.

How does your customer service work?

Normally, commercial establishments have the merchandise on view but the customer must request the product from the seller and he will show it to them, although there are also other establishments in which customers can take the merchandise that is within their reach and if it is who were looking directly approach the box and pay their value. In any case, in this modality the establishment also has vendors who can advise or answer questions about the product.

They can be attended by their own owners or by employees. The establishments can be rented, bought and an alternative that has taken center stage in these times is the franchise. In many establishments the same ones work, which consist of the exploitation of a product, name or activity granted by another company that owns the aforementioned. This case is much appreciated in coffee shops.

A relevant issue is price, pricing in these establishments is normally based on the initial cost and a profit percentage is added to this. Another modality used is to use the price list supplied and advised by the manufacturer of the product itself. Depending on the item, the prices of the items are printed on them or on a gondola where they are displayed.


The origin of the commercial establishments can be found in the Middle Ages, in the Fairs that were organized in these times and in which farmers, artisans and ranchers exchanged the products they produced; then small warehouses and warehouses would appear.

educational establishment

Another type of establishment is educational establishmentpopularly known as school, which has as a mission to provide education and teaching to those who attend the same. The students, as those who come in search of knowledge are called, will receive from their professors or teachers in these establishments the basic, secondary and higher education they need to be able to perform effectively and have possibilities in their lives.

On the other hand, the term is also used to refer to the foundation or institution of an entity or business; the establishment of the University was completed in a few days.

Fortune and way of life someone leads

And also when you want to realize the location, fortune and way of life that a person leads, the word establishment is used. “After different financial and personal ups and downs, my son got his establishment.” In other words, this sense of the word is used colloquially to show that someone has found their way in life and is on track.