Definition of Decontextualize

The context in which something happens or in which a certain phrase is said is very important to understand the overall message. For this reason, when we take something out of context we are taking it out of context, in this way, that fact or that information can give rise to misinterpretations since it lacks real objectivity.

In the context of tabloids, celebrities regularly comment that a certain statement published in an interview was taken out of context, thus, when this happens, it seems that the person said something when in reality, what he said is something very different.

The same phrase can sound completely different depending on the details of the context. Therefore, when we communicate with our friends and family we must always try to keep this type of detail in mind.

The nuances of writing

In addition, when we write information through whatsapp or email, we also have to consider that in spoken language there is the added value of body language (this does not occur in written language). For this reason, it is so important to try to narrow down the context as well as possible. Something that is increasingly difficult in abbreviated SMS-type communication, since so many abbreviations lead to losing sight of many nuances that are important in understanding a message.

In fact, taking things out of context can also be the reason for arguments as a couple or in friendship. This type of situation is experienced when a discussion begins based on what one said and that the other interpreted in a totally different way from what he wanted to express. That is, in this type of case, what one says and what the other understands are not the same.

The conciseness of the language

Contextualizing the information in communication forces us to try to make good use of communication through the vast wealth of vocabulary that we have at our disposal and looking for the meaning of our words because what we say and how we say it in a certain framework, we helps create a context of reference that is positive for the listener. Otherwise, a distortion of reality occurs.

Photo: iStock – anyaberkut