Definition of Collegiate

Is called collegiate to that person who belongs to a corporation that forms per se a professional association. In this sense, a school will be the society of people who share a trade or professionFor example, the medical association, the bar associationamong others.

Person who integrates a professional corporation such as lawyers, notaries, accountants…

Meanwhile, at body constituted in a professional association, it is also called by the term collegiate. “The collegiate lawyers of the province of Buenos Aires will hold elections at the end of the year. Your license must be approved by the collegiate council.”

For example, the College of Notaries of a locality, municipality, among others, has the mission of nucleating all notaries who carry out said professional activity in the corresponding territory, being the compulsory membership to practice the profession in that place.

Meanwhile, its functions include: intervening before the corresponding authorities to participate in projects that involve them, administration of protocol files and notarial documentation, exercising union representation of local notaries, issuing professional registration, controlling that the notaries fulfill their work, and legalization of the signatures of the notaries if their documents were presented in other jurisdictions, among others.

Referee of a sport belonging to a college

And the other use of the term allows us to refer to the referee of a game or sport, who is a member of an officially recognized college.
A Swede will be the referee who will direct the final of the soccer world championship.”

So, collegiate would be a synonym for the term referee. Among the main functions that a referee will have are the following: enforce the rules of the game in question; in the event that one of the players commits an infraction, his duty will be to sanction him with the corresponding warning, for example, in the case of football with a yellow card or a red card, depending on the seriousness of the offense; It is also one of its functions to take the duration of the entire game with its stopwatch, then, in the event of a prolonged interruption, it will have to attach the exact number of minutes that the game was stopped.

Currently, as a result of repeated complaints from players and fans and also thanks to the development of technology, referees receive technological help to be able to rigorously carry out their work and avoid mistakes that often leave the wrong team in the race. Instant replays of conflicting plays and sensors on the ball are some of the aforementioned resources.

Collegiate body, integration and powers

And for its part, the institution that is formed from a series of people who have the mission of representing civil society, public entities, or intermediate organizations that have the mission of debating, coordinating and deciding is called a collegiate body. policies that generate public policies that add to the development and growth of the institutions that make up the nation in question.

It has a democratic behavior, that is, decisions regarding issues inherent to the public interest, are made in a participatory manner with the vote of all, considering the proposal of the members, with decisions being made unanimously, or by majority, according to corresponds.

There are various collegiate bodies, such as university and municipal councils, commissions, committees, among others.

The collegiate body is headed by a president who is responsible for regulating the meetings and obviously intervening as a mediator in the deliberations that take place in the body, as well as executing the decisions.

Accompanying the work of the president is the secretary who is in charge of keeping the agenda of the meetings and keeping the minutes of the sessions updated.
It is in charge of the latter to certify each agreement that is reached and to execute the decisions that are made in the assemblies of the school.

All decisions and actions are recorded in a record that the secretary writes, being the same a very important document because it is in it that a record of everything that happens is left, for example, it must be written rigorously because after it they will be taken resolutions that give way to government or administrative acts.


Author: Florence Ucha.
Work published in: Feb., 2011.


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