Definition of Average

Special use in mathematics

The concept that concerns us in this review is closely linked to the world of mathematics, since its calculation implies basic knowledge of mathematical operations, however, beyond being a subject of arithmetic we must say that this type of calculus is very present in our daily lives because we use it to know the average of various questions.

Point of division in the middle or middle term of something

We also use the word average to refer to the point at which something is plausible to be divided in half, or in the middle, and also to indicate the middle term of a question.

The value that results from dividing the sum of all the values ​​involved

The average term is known as that quantity or average value that results from dividing the sum of all the values ​​by the number of these.

To obtain such a quantity we need to have at least two quantities from which that midpoint will be obtained, that is, it is a relational concept, it is impossible to average a figure with itself.

In the event that there are several figures, all must be added and then divided by the number of numbers taken into account.. For example, if we want to know what a student’s average is, we must do it based on the grades they have obtained in their final exams, these being the grades obtained, 8, 7, 3 and 5, first we have to add all these figures , which gives us a unified figure of 23, then, to obtain the average in question, we will have to divide that figure by the number of grades obtained, that is, 4, such division gives us a result of 5.75, then, The student’s final average will be 5.75.

Meanwhile, if what you want is to obtain the average temperature, the average earnings that a company obtains during a year, the average inflation rates, the cost of living or even the average number of days worked and those who did not work an employee must follow the same methodology as the one mentioned above.

On the other hand, calculating the average of any of these things that we mentioned or of those other plausible averages that we did not refer to, helps a lot when it comes to having to carry out statistics and then being able to act accordingly on their results.

For example, if the average of all the students in a course is calculated and it is well below what is expected, then knowing this deficit will make it possible to implement new pedagogical strategies and change the existing ones because obviously they have not given the expected results. And the same can be applied to a company, if the average is low, it is obvious that its progress is not going well, so a twist can be given to its management in order to improve income.

In the educational field: indicator of the student’s academic level

In the educational environment, the concept of average also has a recurring use and it is a certainly relevant issue because it is a faithful indicator of the educational level of a student. When the average is high, of the type between 8 and 10 points, we will be facing an excellent student, while if the average is below these figures, we will be facing a regular student.
Even, the average achieved in some subject is what in many cases allows the student to promote the subject, or failing that, not achieve it.
Likewise, if the average is very good, it will allow the student to access the honor of being the flag bearer of his course.

Also, the average held by the students of a grade or division will allow us to know if the contents were learned correctly or if they were not. In other words, the average makes it possible to categorize the performance of the students.

The school GPA is very easy to calculate and is no different from the way other GPAs are calculated. If we take eight subjects in the year and in them we obtained the following grades: 4, 7, 10, 9, 7, 8, 9 and 5, we must add all those grades and divide them by the number of subjects, that is, 8, while the average will be 7.35.

Other concepts related to the term turn out to be that of average citizen, which will be the one that meets all the characteristics of the population mean; and average the month when you are on dates close to the middle of the month to consider.