Curriculum for a recent graduate without experience: guide and advice

In Spain there are about 20 million workers, in different branches and companies. Not all of them are professionals, although preference is always given to people with college degrees. And this is where you have a great advantage, because your career will help you boost your profile.

There are some very practical tips that will help you capture attention, even if you have little or no track record. Next, we will give you our tips to create your best resume and cover letter and get your first job. Likewise, we will show you some CV templates.

Employment Statistics for Recent Graduates

It’s no secret that finding a job for recent graduates is much more difficult. Above all it is complicated branches such as medicine, law and positions where responsibility is required. In any case, if you have studied and finished a university degree, many doors will open for you.

Note that only the 38.6% of the Spanish population He has university studies. Therefore, you will be a better candidate than any other who does not have preparation.

Of course, you may not earn as much as you would like, at least in the beginning. In most cases, a recent graduate can aspire to a salary around 20,000 euros gross per year.

Example of a resume for a recent graduate with no experience

Vicente Castro Farias

Contact information


Alonso Molina, 35

31850 San Carlos de Pilar


555 55 55 55


[email protected]


Professional resume

Graduated in business administration, currently studying the last year of a master’s degree in financial resources. I am a specialist in the control of logistics, storage and supply. I also have the ability to manage business personnel with efficiency, responsibility and objectivity. I work with commitment, order and efficiency. I want to contribute my knowledge to your company to enhance overall performance and continue to expand my career.

Work experience

Professional practices

Madrid clinical center

July 2020 – January 2021

Control and management of more than 20 patients per day
Administration and drafting of documents
Increased patient satisfaction by 23%

Academic training

Degree in Business Administration

Autonomous University of Madrid

September 2017 – May 2021


Sales management
Organization and management
Customer Support
Research assistant

Key achievements:

2-time student of the year
Recipient of the Exemplary Student Scholarship
GPA of 9.5

Baccalaureate in Social Sciences

IES Amparo

October 2013 – June 2017

Average grade: 9.3


computer knowledge
Assertive communication
creativity and ingenuity
Conflict resolution


What format is best suited for this resume?

The way in which you present your resume makes the difference between success or rejection of the document. There are three main formats:

Chronological order. List your most outstanding work and academic achievements in ascending or descending order.
functional resume. It focuses on your most important skills and aptitudes for the job.
mixed resume. A document that combines the previous two depending on your needs.

The most appropriate in this situation is resort to a functional CV. After all, your work experience is not what will stand out the most on your resume. If you use a resume that focuses on your skills, you can highlight your profile.

📌tips: You can also use the mixed curriculum. In this way, you make your skills the main focus and use a chronological order to describe your educational background.

The career objective is one of the most important sections when writing a resume. In fact, it’s the first thing recruiters look at in the recruitment process. It consists of a small excerpt from a paragraph that describes What are your goals in the company?

In this section you should briefly explain what you want to achieve and why you are the best among all the candidates. Take a look at the following model template:


Bachelor of Computer Science, currently pursuing a Master’s in Algorithm Design. I have developed more than 6 computer programs that have been implemented at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I characterize myself as an efficient, flexible person and capable of dominating pressure. I want to contribute my knowledge at BarkTrends in developing web applications and increasing production performance, while expanding my career.

It is a simple, clear and sincere presentation. In this excerpt, the candidate details some academic achievements, what he is looking for in the company and what he can offer the company.

How not to make the professional goal?

Unfortunately, there are candidates who do not pay due attention to this section or do not give it the correct approach. Look at this bad example:


Since I was little I have been passionate about computers and that is why I have decided to study computer engineering. I hope to be the best AI programmer and apply my knowledge to the whole world. You will not regret hiring me, because I can adapt to everything you need.

While it is true that this person writes down their goals, they are unobjective and overzealous. In addition, it is an informal presentation that does not provide any valuable data.

When to opt for a professional summary?

In most cases, the career objective is best suited for a recent graduate with no experience. However, at specific times, writing a summary becomes a good alternative. It is a great option for technical profiles, such as scientists, architects and professionals dedicated to research.

In fact, it is likely that throughout their academic career they have gained a lot of experience, even in the same educational institution.

To make it easier to understand, take a look at the following example template:


Chemical engineer with a master’s degree in substance application and a doctorate in environmental preservation. I have participated in more than 4 investigations related to the use of sustainable articles, increasing the production of natural products by 35% in MadridBio laboratories in my professional practices. I look forward to using my knowledge to further the development of healthy substances in your company.

Experience for recent graduates: What should you include if you don’t have it?

Some candidates mistakenly think of omitting this section entirely. However, all recent graduates have some type of experience, and the closest is the obtained in professional practices. It is the first thing that should be detailed in your resume so that recruiters can see how you have performed.

Apart from that, it is also appropriate to talk about personal work, research, and achievements. If you don’t know how to include this section in your CV, the following example will help you:

Professional practices

San Mamés Medical Institute

June 2020 – January 2021

Administrative assistant

Patient appointment management
Writing documents and reports
Control of payments and order
More than 25 calls answered per day
95% of customers satisfied with the service

It is a simple description, but it makes professional practices much more attractive. This candidate has turned this period of time into a very striking section for the experience. Talk about responsibilities and some key achievements, which is what you are looking for in the selection process.

Academic training in the curriculum

This is one of the most important sections for your recent graduate resume and in which you have to place greater emphasis. For career-focused resumes, educational background is a brief summary of degree earned and school.

However, since you are just starting out in the business world, emphasizing your knowledge is essential. To complement this section, in addition to the title and the name of the university, talk about goals achieved, awards received and any other element that enhances your profile.

And unlike a CV for professionals with more experience, it doesn’t hurt to include your baccalaureate.

A good example is the following:


Master in food handling

University of Pamplona

September 2019 – January 2021

Learning storage of solid and liquid products
Knowledge about development of preservative substances
Implementation of business hygiene methods
GPA of 8.9

Chemical Engineering Degree

Complutense University of Madrid

September 2015 – June 2019

Student of the year on 3 consecutive occasions
Recipient of the Engineers of Spain scholarship
GPA of 9.5


ICR San Juan

October 2013 – May 2015

average note of 9.8
in charge of the degree speech
Award for best student of the class

Skills and aptitudes for your CV

After academic training, the skills and aptitudes section is the most important for your recent graduate resume. It is a section that indicates what skills you have to work on, even when you do not have experience. Skills give a fundamental appeal to your cover letter, even if you’re just starting out in the world of work.

Skills are divided into the following categories:

Soft skills

They are those that are not strictly related to your career, but that do serve you as a professional. They consist of human qualities that are vital to practice any type of profession. Among the most sought after are the following:

Teamwork Communication skills Conflict resolution Work under pressure Empathy Responsibility Analysis and management Friendly and cordial treatment

hard skills

They are specifically linked to your professional profile. There is no specialty, since it depends on the area in which you are going to work. Some examples are the following:

Ability to lift heavy loads Knowledge of computers Operation of heavy machinery Proficiency in accounting books Programming languages ​​Application of laws Specialized skills

🎁Additional note: You can choose any of these points and deepen them in your curriculum vitae, depending on which ones best suit your profile.

Additional Sections for a Recent Graduate Resume

Given that you will have little experience, it is worth including some complementary sections to enhance your CV. Some additional and very interesting sections are the following:

Courses and certifications Volunteering or awards Languages

⚠️Careful: Do not put information that is not relevant to the job title, as it would be seen as filler information. All the data you enter must be used for the job.

Tips to improve your CV as a recent graduate

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