Configure Definition

The word set up It has a varied use in our language…

Its more general usage tells us that setting implies give a certain composition, shape or figure to something. We have to finish configuring the program. Until we do it, we will not have the total number of topics that the course will cover..

On the other hand, configure refers to the acquisition of a level. Our English institute is configured as one of the benchmarks in the region.

And at the behest of the Computing we also find a special reference for the word since in this context it refers to the organization of a system and the programming of a computer with the mission of achieving an optimal functioning of the same.

The aforementioned organization process is popularly known as setting and consists of a series of data that will provide a value to some of the variables present in a given program, or in an operating system. They are loaded into the system normally at the beginning and it is almost always necessary to restart the machine in order to see the changes they have introduced applied.

It should be noted that if the user does not customize the configuration, it will be carried out by default by the system in question, although it is recommended to change it so that it is adapted to personal needs. However, the default configurations have standard features so that everyone can understand them, such as: English language, medium level security, medium graphic level and access for users of both genders and all ages.

When the user changes the configuration to a personal one, it will be saved in a file or in an encrypted database that can only be modified by the corresponding program. In the event of an error, nothing is lost, since it is possible to return to the previous configuration.

The conflicting concept is that of deformbecause it accounts for the loss of shape or characteristics of something.