Condition Definition

Depending on the context in which it is used, the word condition will address various issues.

Nature of things or people

One of the most frequent uses is to refer to the nature, nature or property, either of things or of people, such as the human condition..

The human condition turn out to be that biologically determined series of events, which are common to most human lives, the way in which human beings react to the aforementioned events, that is, how they will deal with them is what constitutes the human condition .

Social position

On the other hand, the word condition is also used to refer to the social position held by an individual. “His humble condition of his directly excludes him from any type of job opportunity that could put him in a better position.”

Necessary condition for something to happen

Likewise, a condition turns out to be that necessary and indispensable circumstance that must exist so that another can happen. “I will buy the equipment on the condition that I can test it before paying for it.”

Also, at the request of the conclusion of contracts the word presents a special and recurring participation, because a condition will be called upon stipulation, that is, to each of the points that are agreed in a contract. “In the third condition of the rental contract, the impossibility of holding any meeting on the premises after 7:00 p.m. is specified.”

The state, or failing that, the circumstances in which a person or a thing is found is called condition. “Juan is in very good physical condition to participate in the high performance competition.” “Despite being used, the audio equipment he bought is in very good condition.”

The sine qua non condition is one that turns out to be essential, in such a way that if it does not happen, a thing will not be done or it will be considered as not done.. “Being baptized is a sine qua non condition for getting married in the church.”

It is said that something is in conditionswhen he is well arranged or suitable for a particular desired purpose.

Synonym of capacity, requirement, of forms

On the other hand, the concept, both in its singular and in its plural, conditions, is used as a synonym of capacities, innate aptitudes, that people have and that allow them to carry out various activities and actions with great efficiency and talent, such as it is the case of the artistic, intellectual, physical, for the study, among others.

But there are also conditions that can be achieved from study and learning and that are not born with one.

It is also very common for the word condition to be used as a synonym for requirement.
There are many activities or situations that will demand the fulfillment of certain conditions so that a person can do them or can access them.

For example, an individual who wants to take out a bank loan to buy a house must meet a series of conditions that the financial institution requires in order to deliver it. Have a fixed salary per month that exceeds a certain amount, a guarantee, collect an advance, among others.

On the other hand, those who apply for a job must also meet some conditions that they must demonstrate in order to access that job. Among the most common: computer skills, languages, good presence and of course some specific knowledge that emanates from the type of work to be developed.

And the other use is as a synonym for the manner or forms inherent or linked to a task or activity.

Let’s go back to the field of work, almost all work activities are subject to certain and different variables that are known as conditions.

Among the most important and those that are emphasized are safety and hygiene, and economics.

Among the latter we must mention the salary, its supplements, overtime and any other matter that affects the worker’s income.

And with respect to safety and hygiene, in recent years a series of policies and regulations have been imposed that tend to precisely offer guarantees to workers in terms of preserving their health.