Complete guide to work at Carrefour

Work at Carrefour offers you very interesting benefits, although of course, you must first meet your requirements to be a member of your family. Even so, it is not a very demanding company, and therefore it is not very difficult to meet the right profile for a vacancy. Taking this as a basis, we will give you the best tips so that you are one of the most outstanding candidates.

This large sales company has maintained an average of more than 30,000 employees over the last decade in Spain (Statista). Therefore, it is one of the first job search options for Inexperienced youth or college students.

Employment statistics in Carrefour

As indicated by its same web portal, Carrefour is made up of more than 200 hypermarkets, more than 100 Market supermarkets and more than 900 Express supermarkets. Apart from that, it has more than 140 service stations, and each of these establishments requires quite a bit of staff.

On the other hand, you will be interested to know that this multinational also has a stake in 426 travel agencies. This means that you can function in many sectors, since, practically, all major trade professions needed .

In other words, there are many opportunities to work at Carrefour, whether you have a profession or little academic training.

And how much do they pay in Carrefour?

It is not a secret that the monthly salary is one of the most important aspects to evaluate when looking for a job. Well, the pay in Carrefour is quite varied, because everything depends on the experience, job title and hierarchy of the vacancy.

According to Indeed, the average salary at Carrefour is around 1,009 euros per month, which would more or less be as follows for each position:

Cashiers earn around 💰1061 euros A replenisher receives 💰955 euros The salary of a clerk is 💰967 euros The store manager earns around 💰1129 euros

Obviously, there are more important positions that also receive more substantial salaries, although we already referred to administrative and managerial staff.

What are the requirements to work at Carrefour?

As we already mentioned, Carrefour has become one of the most interesting options for people without experience or basic training. The main reason is that the requirements are not very demanding, and therefore many people can apply to the company.

To mention a couple of important requirements, there are the following:

Have a good level of Spanish. It is not just about mastering the language if you are a foreigner, but knowing how to speak correctly even when Spanish, in a cordial and tasteful way. It is something that makes your profile attractive.
Good time availability. The company is the one that establishes the hours, and since their establishments are open every day, you will have to be willing to go when it is your turn.

After completing this, it is important to know that no experience required not a minimum of academic studies. Even so, it is advisable to have Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO).

💡Remember: For more important positions, such as software developer, sales manager or accounting, it is essential to have a university degree. These data must be included in the curriculum vitae.

And what is the appropriate profile?

Although it is true that there are not many requirements in terms of career and education, it is important that you be a person who has an attractive profile. Not any candidate is hired, but those who are projected as a good option for the company.

You should strive to display the following:

Excellent customer service Ability to listen to others Problem solving Communication skills Dynamism and energy Organization and order

These qualities will help you perform better as a professional in most of the jobs in the distributor. Consequently, they will be the first skills HR managers look at.

What can you work at Carrefour?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Carrefour is a company that has hypermarkets, supermarkets, service stations and even Travel agencies. Within each of these fields there are many types of jobs that you can apply for.

In any case, the most common and demanded are the following:

There are also other more technical jobs, although the offers are less common. Be that as it may, at a certain time professionals are needed for the following positions:

Programming Marketing Law Administration Accounting

As you can imagine, they are much better paid positions, but you will have to stand out with your resume and profile in order to qualify for a contract.

How to send the CV to Carrefour

You always have the classic method, which consists of going to one of their offices and presenting your candidacy. However, today you have it much easier, since the procedure can be done from the same comfort of your home. Carrefour has arranged its own web portal where it will be possible for you to see the available job offers.

Right there you will have the opportunity to register, send your CV and do exactly the same as if you went to their establishments, but with more comfort.

This is what you should do:

Enter the Carrefour website. It is important that you enter the website of Spain, so check that the link ends in .es. Remember that Carrefour is a company that does business in various parts of the world.
Go to Work with us. This section is located at the bottom of the page, specifically under the category carrefour group. Click on it and you will see a job search portal.
Select a vacancy. Within the system you will see different types of offers that are related to different positions within the company. Some are basic, others more technical, and vary depending on current demand.
Sign up for the offer. After choosing a job opening, you’ll see a button titled sign up. Click on it and you will be redirected to a form where you will have to fill out each section.
Sign up. At first it is a common registration like the one that is carried out on any website. Enter your personal information, contact information and an email address.
Fill your CV. In the same portal, another form will open where you must enter experience, training, skills and abilities, just as if it were a resume. The difference is that this time it will be all online.

Once you finish putting your data, all that remains is to click on the button Send your resume and that’s it. If you catch the attention of recruiters, you’re bound to get a call from HR.

What are the benefits of working at Carrefour?

First of all, there are the great employment possibilities for practically people of all ages, experience and training. No matter what your profile is, you will surely find a vacancy that suits you. Apart from that, there are also the following benefits:

It is a company that pays a good salary The hours are flexible and satisfying You will enjoy a friendly and cordial treatment Employees receive discounts on products You will increase your professional career

Important points to consider

Although at first everything seems wonderful, the truth is that there are also some drawbacks. You must evaluate all aspects to know if you are really interested in working in this company:

there are few breaks. Although the hours are flexible, the work days are quite intense.
No promotion options. It is somewhat difficult to move up in the company, especially in the larger establishments.

There are candidates for whom these obstacles are not relevant, but for others they make the difference between leaving or staying in the company.

Additional tips for your candidacy

Submitting your application will not take you long, as it is a fairly simple and intuitive procedure. But if you want increase your chances of working at Carrefour Don’t miss these additional tips:

Create a personalized CV. It is not a good idea to be left with only the online form that you fill out on the website. After all, it is the one that most candidates will use. If you attach a personalized resume, recruiters will be more interested in you.
Attach your cover letter. Your letter should go along with your resume, which will serve to delve into your professional profile. It explains much better why you are a good candidate, what are your skills, aptitudes and what you have to contribute to the company.
Take care of the spelling. You must always spell all words and phrases correctly throughout the entry process. If HR sees that you’re making spelling mistakes, you’re likely to be ruled out. Remember that mastering the Spanish language is vital.
Sign up for various offers. You will see different openings available, so it is appropriate that you try several of them. If you do not stay in one, you will have possibilities with another.
Prepare your job interview. Once you capture the interest of recruiters, you will receive a call to set up a meeting. Be sure to take a look at our tips for answering questions in a job interview.

⚠️Attention: Go to the interview in a formal way, well groomed and with a completely neat appearance. The first impression plays a key role in the recruitment process.

To sum up

Working at Carrefour is a very interesting option, especially if you are a young person with no experience, have recently graduated from ESO or are looking for a employment to complement your university studies. What should you take into account to decide? Here we summarize the most important:

It is a company that pays a reasonable salary You do not need experience or training There are many vacancies available and different job offers You can apply from your own home You will have discounts on products There are few possibilities for promotion It is a job that requires a lot of energy

Evaluate all aspects, analyzing pros and cons, and you will be able to determine if this job is the right one for you. If so, remember that the most important thing in your candidacy is the CV. Visit our resume templates to download one that suits your profile.

Frequently asked questions

To end the article, we answer some common questions that many candidates have:

What is the minimum age to work at Carrefour?

In the case of Spain, the minimum age to work without parental consent is 18 years. Apart from complying with the law, Carrefour does not require any specific age. In its establishments you will see people of all ages.

What should I put in my CV to work at Carrefour?

Start with your personal and contact information. Include an excerpt explaining who you are and continue with the experience and education sections. If you are new to the professional world, focus your resume’s attention on the…