College Student Resume: Complete Guide

Technically speaking, university degrees in Spain have a duration of 4 to 5 years, depending on the branch you choose. However, the reality is that on average students take between 6 and 8 years to complete their studies. During all that time, it is necessary for them to work to be able to support themselves.

It is not easy to combine student life with a job. As if that were not enough, the most difficult thing is to find a job that is compatible with your university routine. If you want to increase the chances of success, it is essential to write a Successful College Student CV.

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Students start university at approximately the age of 18, right after finishing high school. Although in the first instance the main objective is to get a degree, the truth is that they have also entered working age. Due, looking for a job for a student is nothing else.

Of course, it does not mean that you have to start working immediately when you start university. Normally, students who decide to look for a job do so in the final stretch of their career. Be that as it may, more than 560,000 young people work and study at the same time in Spain.

Curriculum vitae template for university students

antonio martinez

1251, Madrid

Phone: 555 555 555

Email: [email protected]

Professional objective

Engineering student studying the last semester. I characterize myself for being flexible, innovative and proactive, always seeking to enhance my knowledge. I have achieved the highest grade in my class and I have been the beneficiary of 2 scholarships. I work as an assistant in the computer lab at my university, always showing commitment, responsibility and efficiency. I want to start working in the industry to apply my knowledge and offer help to your company.


Computer lab trainer

Felipe IV University of Madrid

June 2020 – Present

Application of knowledge and skills of technological and computer resources
Computer cleaning and maintenance
Knowledge of information management, files and internal communication
Introduction to 15 students in programming languages

Achievement: I have improved my communication in English to a professional level.


Compucelco, Madrid

January 2020 – Present

Public attention
Petty cash management
inventory management

Achievement: improve my knowledge in electronic and computer equipment.

Academic training

Informatics Engineering

Felipe IV University of Madrid

September 2016 – Present

Skills in:

Web and mobile programming
Database analysis
Information management


GPA of 9.5
3 times student of the semester


Creativity and reflection
Conflict resolution
Assertive communication
enthusiasm and optimism
organization and order
Microsoft Office Word and Excel


This is a simple example of a Curriculum vitae current college student. Despite the fact that he is someone with little experience, he knows how to describe his jobs and his training in an attractive way.

Next, we will talk step by step about what you must do so that your CV meets all these criteria.

How to write a college student CV?

The first thing you should do is define the type of format you are going to use. It all depends on your background and level of experience. Even if you are studying, it is possible that at some point you have had a job, and that counts for your resume.

In any case, these are the most used models:

reverse chronological order. He narrates academic and work achievements in descending order. It is not suitable for college students without a track record.
functional resume. It focuses on your skills and competencies, as well as the knowledge you have acquired during your studies. It is a good alternative to look for a first job.
mixed curriculum. It mainly focuses on your skills as a student. Then use the chronological order for experience and training. It is the ideal option for students with an average trajectory.

Once you define the appropriate format for your CV, you must add the following sections:

Personal data Professional profile Experience Academic training Skills Additional sections

How to write your career objective

The career objective is the first section recruiters look at in the recruitment process. Therefore, it is essential that you capture attention immediately. This little extract of a paragraph is the one that makes you known to employers.

Define who you are, what you do and why your profile fits the needs of a company. This section can also be called “about me“, well its purpose is to introduce you to others.

For you to understand it better, we leave you an example CV template:


Accounting student in the eighth semester of his undergraduate degree. I have an average of 9.2 in all subjects and I have been known for my efficiency and punctuality. I have all the necessary skills to keep an accounting record in a company, reduce taxes and optimize resources. I look forward to working with you to further my career path and offer practical help to the institution.

A presentation that is brief, but effective. A student who is objective and motivated who also talks about his skills and the benefits he can offer the company.

📌Note: On certain occasions, the student can opt for a professional summary. It is an ideal extract for people with more experience, because it describes work achievements.

How not to make the professional profile?


Accounting student with passion for his career and great numerical skills. I like numbers, business and finance, so I have decided to study accounting. Thanks to my numerical skills I am able to do optimal accounting, despite not having graduated and I have very good goals. If you want your accounting to be efficient, don’t hesitate to count on me.

A candidate with good ideas, but who does not know how to capture them in the extract. He starts off well, but he doesn’t say where he is in the career nor does he explain much about his skills. Finally, he is redundant in content and uses language not so appropriate for this context.

Work experience: what to put if you don’t have one?

mistakenly many inexperienced college students They decide to delete this section. But the fact that you have never worked in a company does not mean that they have not exercised their knowledge either. You can take advantage of all the activities you have done to describe this section.

For example, mention if you have been an assistant at the university, a trainer for other students, participated in events, among others. Explain your academic background and write this section attractively.

Take a look at this resume example:

Academic experience

Trainee and trainer

Sevilla University

May 2020 – Present

Helps more than 20 students to understand math problems
Use of didactic resources for the understanding of numerical theorems
Application of digital media for teaching
18 classmates increased their academic performance by 33%

🎁Tip: If you are finishing your university degree, it is a good idea to include professional practices in the experience section. After all, you apply your skills and knowledge there just as if it were a job.

Academic training: Vital for the university student’s curriculum

A very important section for recruiters, as everyone will want to know what stage of your education you are at. It is a very simple section to describe, because you only have to detail the career you are studyingthe university and the semester in which you are

Contrary to what many believe, it is not advisable to delve into the information to stand out. It is not even necessary to add your high school studies. Recruiters are understanding and understand that you are still developing as a professional.

There are numerous templates that you can use, although the most effective is the following:

Chemical engineering

Central European University

September 2017 – Present

Studying eighth semester

Skills in:

Analysis of chemical substances and compounds
Use of natural elements in the industry
environmental conservation
Formula Development

Key achievements:

Recipient of the “Chemists of the Future” scholarship
2-time student of the year
GPA of 8.9

Skills: Essential for your student CV

On most occasions, this will be the highlight of your college student resume. Employers will be aware that you have not had a long history and that this is probably your first job. Therefore, more than your experience and education, they want you to have something to offer.

This is where skills work their magic and maximize your profile. Of course, depending on the format of the curriculum that you have chosen, this section will be before or after in the structure of your CV.

How to include competencies? Start by knowing your classification:

hard skills

They are the ones that are strictly related to your branch and the most searched for a profile with your profession. There is no specific one, because it depends on your knowledge and the field of application. Some examples are the following:

Numerical skills Knowledge of laws Programming languages ​​Formula development Market analysis Web and mobile design Graphic design

💡Remember: If you use software related to your profession, you must include it in the list of hard skills.

Soft skills

These are personal skills and human qualities that make you a better worker in every way. Whether you are a computer scientist, lawyer, accountant or doctor, the following skills and attitudes will help:

Teamwork Mastery of stress Optimism and creativity Dynamism and enthusiasm Conflict resolution Assertive communication Proactivity

⚠️ Beware: You should not include all your skills in the CV. Add only those that suit the job offer.

Additional Sections for a College Student Resume

If you have followed the structure above, recruiters will have enjoyed the entire menu of your university CV. If you want to close the document in the best way, here are some very interesting desserts:

Languages ​​Courses (you can also include online courses) Certifications Publications Presentations Awards

Tips to improve your CV

you are ready for create an attractive and compelling resume. But if you want it to be not just effective, but perfect, check out these extra tricks:

Placed a photo. Despite the fact that in other countries it is frowned upon, the opposite occurs in Spain. A friendly photo, well dressed and with your best smile will make your resume more enjoyable.
Take care of the structure. Leave blank spaces and avoid text blocks…