Collaborate Definition

The word to collaborate is the term that in our language allows us to express the action of working in association with another individual, with several, or with a group, with the mission of achieving a specific objective. “Thank you all for collaborating, with your help we have already been able to finish part of the work of the new school.”

Action in which one works in communion with others to achieve a goal

We use this sense especially in association with actions or activities that have a charitable or charitable purpose for someone or a community.

An action with a charitable and solidary purpose in which the union of all makes strength

The collaboration that we can provide to people who need it because they are immersed in a situation of vulnerability is one of the most commendable actions that we can carry out as people, because it implies dedication and sensitivity to the needs or demands of others, that is, the The fact that we offer our collaboration to someone, or to a cause, is because we see it, we take it into account, it hurts us that it exists, and we put our hands to work to try to improve the state of those who are in a bad situation.

Of course, when we talk about this type of collaboration, we are referring to disinterested help of any type of benefit, or return of favors, the only interest that mediates is that the other, or others, feel and can be better with our aid.

It should be noted that when it is necessary to achieve some goal that individually would be really complex to achieve, or directly impossible, it is called, people who can do it are invited to collaborate with their participation, their effort, in order to achieve the proposal that is pursued

Working together, uniting the efforts of all those summoned to achieve the proposed objective is a path to the success of the goal; The contribution of each one that joins is very important because it brings closer the fulfillment of the objective.

It is a standardized popular phrase, but a truth at the same time: unity is strength.

Likewise, when we observe that someone, a friend, a colleague, a close affection, needs our help, cooperation, help, in carrying out some task or activity, and we assist them, we will be collaborating with them.

So, collaborating is an extremely common and current action at the request of interpersonal relationships and in various fields.

Employment relationship that someone maintains with a company or organization and that does not imply dependency

And also the term collaborate is used to indicate the employment relationship that an individual maintains with a specific company and that mainly stands out for not implying the typical relationship of labor dependencysince whoever collaborates, generally, does so in a slightly more free way with regard to physical attendance at the workplace, and compliance with schedules.

In most cases, collaborators, as those who collaborate in a company are called, attend or have a sporadic, unusual participation, when some fact or event demands them, and it is also for such participations that their participation is determined. salary.

Journalism: personalities or specialized journalists who give their vision on a topic without being part of the media team

In the field of journalism, it is a fairly common practice for a professional journalist, or some prominent personality from the community in question, to collaborate with a newspaper, a magazine, among other media, either by writing an opinion column, conducting interviews, among others. options, when a subject of his specialty arises, and therefore his position or opinion will be enlightening for him.

Although both graphic and audiovisual journalism have their specialties, it has become a common practice for those voices that give their opinion or report regularly in the media to be joined by others when a topic or event demands it.

In this way, a range of views on an event or subject is proposed that will enrich the approach that the medium offers to its readers, listeners, or viewers.

For example, in the field of sports journalism, when a soccer team is champion, a former figure of that team is summoned to give her opinion on the subject through an opinion column, doing that job for that one time, and without be a contractor of the medium in question.

Although the word collaborate presents a variety of synonyms, that of cooperate It is the one that we use the most in its place since from it the action of collaborating with another person or with others is expressed to achieve a specific purpose.