Climax Definition

It is called climax to the point of greatest intensity or force in an increasing series, being its highest point.
In any case, the word climax has different uses depending on the context in which it is used.

For the narratologywhich is that discipline that deals with studying the fundamental elements of the narrative, the climax is the moment in which a plot, a work, reaches its highest point, of highest tension; Generally, it is located at the end of the work in question, although this is not always the case since it can occur in the middle of the narrative, to later present the consequences that the climax has caused in each of the characters. Meanwhile, the opposite of the climax is the anticlimaxthat moment of increasing tension but which is resolved without a final increase in tension, for example, when a violent conflict is suddenly resolved peacefully.

On the other hand, in the field of ecologythe climax refers to the most stable state to which an ecosystem is capable of reaching. When an ecosystem evolves with maturity and approaches the ideal balance and a better use of material resources, thus increasing trophic levels and its complexity, it will be said that it has reached the climax and the community that lives in it will be called climax community.

and in matter sexual the term climax also turns out to be very frequent since in this way the climax will be called moment in which individuals feel the greatest sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse. Climax is a synonym for orgasm.
Before the sexual climax occurs, the concentration of blood rises to the genitals to a maximum and at the highest point of pleasure or climax, contractions of the muscles in the area occur.