Chef resume: examples and tips for writing it

The result? Both the inexperienced aspirant and professional chef need to stand out from the start, and this is where the cook resume it becomes indispensable.

Competition in the culinary arena is fierce, quite fierce. The rise of TV shows devoted to haute cuisine has inspired thousands to try their hand at the culinary arts. At the same time, the number of young people seeking employment in the most select kitchens does not stop growing either.

For your best dishes to shine and delight diners, they must first reach the table. If you are looking to discover how to write an effective and professional cook resumethis is your place.

cook resume example

The professional cook or chef resume differs significantly from other resume templates. We will use the following example to later analyze all these particularities:

Professional resume:

Seven years of experience as a cook.
Three years of experience as a kitchen assistant.
Mastery of avant-garde cooking techniques.
Specialist in purchasing and dealing with suppliers.
Creativity for the design of menus and seasonal letters.
Team coordination expert.


ABC Restaurant, 2014-2021. Traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Chef in a team with two other assistant cooks and three kitchen helpers.
Kitchen assistant. DEF Tavern, 2011-2014. Assistance in the preparation of daily menus and à la carte meals.


Celiac menu training course. MNO Association, 2016.
Haute Cuisine Diploma. JKL Hospitality School, 2014.
Technical Degree in Cooking and Gastronomy. GHI Hospitality School, 2010.

Culinary skills:

Easy to improvise seasonal menus and letters.
Experience in grilled meat and fish.
Preparation of celiac and vegan dishes.
Training for avant-garde haute cuisine.
Specialty in artisan desserts.
Perfectionism and detail in the presentations.


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How to write a cook resume?

The first step is to spend a reasonable amount of time thoroughly studying the job offer. That’s where you’ll find what kind of chef the advertiser is looking for. Write down the key aspects of the offer to adapt your chef curriculum vitae to the profile demanded by the employer.

On the other hand, you should compress all your data and fit it to a single page format. This will make your chef CV much easier to read, quickly grab the reader’s attention, and improve your chances of getting the job.

The tone of your writing should be formal, clear and precise. Therefore, do not include expressions or idioms of any kind that could diminish the professionalism of your presentation.

“What format and structure should I use in a chef resume template?”

The perfect format for your chef CV

You should know that when you want to write a Curriculum vitaeyou will find several format options to use, these are the following 👇

Chronological: The main objective of this format is to create an orderly curriculum, therefore, with it, the data of the professional trajectory and education must be written chronologically.
Functional: It is preferred by those who have no experience, so if you have never worked in a restaurant kitchen or any other establishment, it is an ideal format for you. With it you give prominence to your culinary skills.
Mixed: as its name indicates, it unites the chronological and functional formats.

“What format to choose for my resume?”

The most convenient for the gastronomy area is the mixed formatbecause the chef recruiters they value both skills and experience . Of course, in many jobs it is not mandatory that you have a long work history to get the vacancies.

With the mixed format You give importance to all the sections of the CV and you make them look neat by using chronological order.

🎁 Bonus tip: The type of chronological order that we recommend you use is reverse chronological. In this way, you give more relevance to the most recent aspects of your experience and your education.

What to put on a cook resume? Know the best structure

A good plate is capable of captivating diners, something similar happens with your resume. If the recruiter realizes at first glance that it contains the necessary information, he will be encouraged to read it. To cause this effect, apply the following structure 👇

First names, last names, contact information and title. Professional profile. Career path. Academic training. Culinary skills. Additional Information.

“Can I change this structure?”

Yes, but it is not what we recommend the most, because this is the predominant structure.

Now that you know what format and structure to use, let’s see how to work each of the segments of your chef resume.

Write a title and specify your personal data

Your CV must have a header made up of your personal and contact information, and a title. The objective of the latter is for the recruiter to read it and be convinced that it will be worth taking a few minutes to read your Curriculum vitae.

To make this section, consider the following example 👍


Antonia Dominguez
Chef specialized in the preparation of vegan dishes
Contact information
Address: Avenida Virgen del Rocío, Málaga, Spain
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 000 000 000

As in the example, the title you write must be attractive, adapt to the job and name an outstanding aspect of you as a professional. So that the recruiter is encouraged to read the resume, avoid writing this section as follows 👇


Juan Pablo Navarro, cook
Contact information
Address: Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Alicante, Spain
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 000 000 000

The title of this example is very simple and only mentions the profession of the candidate, it does not include a specific knowledge or skill. As for the contact details, those named are sufficient and, if you wish, you can add a social network, especially if the recruiter can learn more about your work in it .

Professional summary in the chef’s CV

In most industries it is preferable that the professional summary does not exceed four short sentences. In the specific case of a cook, up to eight of these phrases can be included. It is best to include these phrases in short, easy-to-read listsgiving an elegant and organized touch to your document.

Regarding the content, the ideal is make a “mix” of gastronomic experience, knowledge and skillsso that the evaluator can quickly perceive that he is dealing with a competent and experienced cook.

A suitable example of a professional summary for your CV is 👍

Chef with 5 years of experience.
I specialize in creating recipes that adapt to culinary trends.
While working at El Mirador Restaurant, I managed a team made up of 10 chefs.
I prepared more than 40 dishes daily.

The applicant mentions points from his experiences that demonstrate that you are prepared to run a kitchen and serve diners efficiently. In order to make a positive impression on the recruiter, as this example does, avoid writing something like the following 👇

Experienced cook with excellent culinary skills.

Although a professional profile resume shouldn’t be too long, 8 sentences (listed) are perfect for talking more about yourself and what makes you a skilled cook. The error in the above example is that the requestor is too brief and does not make anything clear.

Properly include your experience in your CV

This section is written in the conventional way. It simply indicates the hotel establishment and years of servicealong with a short description of tasks.

It is not necessary to extend in the descriptions. Use the section called “Culinary skills” to display all your knowledge in food preparation and culinary arts.

In addition to making a description of your tasks, it is valid that list the achievements you have achieved in your jobs previous. With them you will show that you are efficient when fulfilling the tasks that correspond to your position in the kitchen. If you want to do this, use the following examples as a guide 👇

head cook
Arena Bar-Restaurant, Las Palmas, Spain
March 2021 – March 2022

I prepared recipes with which it was possible to increase the number of daily customers by 20%.
Got 90% satisfaction from customers.
I made dishes that were adapted to the needs of customers.

Assistant Cook
Hotel San Sebastian, Cadiz, Spain
October 2019 – November 2021

Prepared the kitchen before each shift.
Monitored food inventories and made sure to keep them up to date.
I contributed to the preparation of special dishes for clients with allergies.
I participated in the preparation of menus for 28 events held at the hotel.

Urdaneta Restaurant, Salamanca, Spain
February 2020 – July 2021

I coordinated the kitchen team on 4 occasions.
Resolved guest complaints and ensured their future satisfaction.
I followed the recipes created by the head cook.
I made the plating taking into account the guidelines of the restaurant.

📌 tips: Includes only work you’ve done in kitchens, restaurants, or similar establishments. It is not necessary or recommended to include all your work experience, especially if it is not related to this professional profile.

How to add education/training to your resume

Includes the most relevant data of your training as a cook. Likewise, it adds additional training courses and knowledge of gastronomy. Avoid at all costs obvious qualifications (for example, the food handler’s license) and do not include all your diplomas.

“How many studies can I list on my cook resume?”

With the three or four titles that best suit the offer It’s enough. There are 2 ways to order the section dedicated to your education, then we leave an example of each one 👇

Degree in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy. CETT UB, Barcelona, ​​Spain. 2016
Degree in Gastronomy

Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid, Spain
September 2017 – July 2021

Skills of a cook for the resume

For cooks, it is not necessary to include a section on natural and innate abilities. It’s best to focus on the cooking skills under your control, including cooking techniques and specific knowledge.

We advise you to include two or three of the more significant culinary skills in the section entitled “Professional Summary”, in order to draw the attention of the evaluator. All other cooking skills will be listed in the “Cooking Skills” section as follows:

Aesthetic sensitivity for presentations and plating.
Organization to dispatch orders quickly.
Automated habits of order and…