Call definition

A announcement it’s a announcement or a writing with which a certain event or occurrence is summoned that will take place; It is also often used as a synonym for the word citation.

Notice through which someone is notified of the completion of an event

Meanwhile, the action of summoning implies quote or call one or more people to attend a certain place or an act to be held. For example: “The president-elect called on her followers to accompany her at the end of her campaign. Tomorrow I will not be able to attend the assembly call, I have another scheduled commitment”.

So, on a general level, the call is a kind of public call that someone, an individual, an organization, carry out with a certain objective, for example, a written document is sent to each of the owners of a building so that they can attend. to the ordinary assembly in which issues inherent to the operation of the building will be discussed.

The call may be addressed to a particular individual, or failing that, to society as a whole.

A teacher summons the parents of one of her students to inform them about his repeated misbehavior, or on the contrary, summons the parents of all her students to organize together the end-of-year act of the grade.

The format of the call requires indicating the place and time of the meeting so that those summoned can attend

In the format of the written call, certain data must be included, such as the convener, for example, the Calle Tal Consortium, convenes an extraordinary assembly of consortium members, to be held on Wednesday, June 30, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. in the hall of the building.

Being the first call at 6:00 p.m. and the second at 6:30 p.m., after that time the assembly will begin with those present.

Also in that call the agenda will be indicated, that is, the topics that will be discussed, for example, retirement of the manager, appointment of a new one, repair work to be carried out, among others.

On the other hand, and in the event that a consortium member cannot attend, a letter will be sent in the call in which he can authorize another neighbor or whoever he wishes to represent him with voice and vote in the assembly.

Sport: players who will play a competition

On the other hand, in the field of sport It is common to use the term to account for that list of players in which the names of the players summoned for the dispute of this or that match appear.

In the case of football, the coaches of the national teams usually present a few days before the match that they must play the call in question to inform the players, the clubs in which they play and the public who will play the match.

Call of creditors: a natural or legal person who falls into bankruptcy negotiates with his creditors the payment

On her side, the summons of creditors It will occur when a debtor company intends to establish negotiations with those individuals, companies, to which it owes.

Also called bankruptcy, through this judicial procedure that is precisely regulated by the relevant law, it occurs when a natural or legal person presents a financial situation of insolvency that does not allow them to meet their current payments and those who owe

Within this process can be included the contexts of bankruptcy or when there is cessation of payments.

Once the debtor is declared insolvent by the courts, it will proceed to verify if he can take over part of the debt that he holds through his estate.

On the other hand, what is usually done are agreements between debtor and creditors with the mission of deferring debts and thus finding a solution that is not detrimental to both parties, that is, that the debtor can pay and that the creditor can collect even if they do not It is term but they can cancel the debt.

Justice is in charge of distributing among the creditors, in the most convenient way and depending on the priorities, the assets that the debtor has to cancel part of the debt or all that he maintains with his creditors.

And the call of shareholders It is the one that will be sent to all the shareholders of a company to put them in the records of the holding of an assembly.