Brochure Definition

The term brochure is one that is used to refer to printed objects that aim to make different types of information known to different types of public. A brochure can vary in its layout, in its design, in the amount of information they have, etc. Normally, a brochure is not used to disseminate information that is too abundant or of a very academic level (except in specific cases) but whose main objective is to capture the attention of people and disseminate some elementary concepts of the specific topics they deal with.

Pamphlets as a public means of communication have been around for a long time, with the invention of the printing press in the 16th century. This is so because the first printings were short primers containing limited information and on different topics. Today, the brochures that one finds on the street have evolved greatly, with very complex designs and forms of the same brochure that are also very varied, colorful and attractive.

The brochures are mainly used to advertise various services and products (in this case, it is common to find people who distribute advertising brochures on the street). At the same time, the pamphlets can be used to publicize the political proposals of the candidates and political parties at election time. In general, knowing what audience they are targeting, what level of knowledge that audience has, what their interests are, etc., are all important elements to capture the attention of those people.

In general, brochures should have elements such as images, bright colors, big and catchy titles and words, easy-to-understand diagrams, etc. At the same time, they cannot be too big or too small, as the person easily loses interest in them that way. Many have folds that can be unfolded and thus find more information.