Best companies to work for in Colombia 2022

In this article we tell you what are the best companies to work for in colombia. Clear, we do not want to establish which companies are better than others . We are not dedicated to this.

Our goal with this article is reveal to you which are the most outstanding companies according to the studies that different entities do. They are in charge of studying each company in depth, comparing them and making lists with the best.

Taking into account these studies, specifically those of Great Place To WorkLinkedIn and Merco Talent We investigate the benefits of companies. In addition, we analyze the opinions of employees and former employees. Thanks to that, we can tell you that the companies that stand out the most in the Colombian labor market are 👇

1. Coomeva Group

Sector: financial and insurance services.
President: Jose Vicente Torres Osorio.
Number of employees in Colombia: 181 (according to Great Place To Work).
Listed as the best places to work: 16 in Great Place To Work (category Up to 300 collaborators).

Coomeva is a Cooperative Business Group made up of 17 companies whose parent company is Coomeva Cooperativa. In addition to being one of the best companies to work for in Colombia, it is one of the most outstanding business groups in the country.

Research Great Place To Work shows that 95% of Coomeva Group employees describe it as an excellent company to work for. The benefits offered by this group are the following 👇

The work environment has characteristics that make it physically safe. They have the Well-being Program in which the quality of life of employees and their families is guaranteed. The salary is paid in advance, the same as the legal bonuses. In addition, it offers special credits and extralegal benefits.

“Does the Coomeva Group comply with the benefits described above?”

To find out, we need to take into account the opinions of those who work and have worked in this company. These are found in the Computrabajo portal, the overall evaluation it receives is 4.5 starsonly 1% of the more than 14,000 users who have given their opinion have classified it with 1 star.

In addition to the benefits listed above, those who have expressed their opinion in Computrabajo mention that in Grupo Coomeva there are learning opportunities. Also offers professional growth opportunities within the company.

The economic benefits are not the only ones that make working in a company pleasant, but also the treatment given to each employee. Coomeva complies with this, since among the advantages of working in the Group is the Human warmth.

2. National University of Colombia

Sector: educational.
Rector: Dolly Montoya Brown.
plant teachers: 3050 (According to UNAL Statistics)
Listed as the best places to work: 9th in the Merco Talent companies ranking.

Working at the National University of Colombia is very beneficial, in addition to the legal benefits, it offers other advantages that are very valuable to employees. For example, premiums corresponding to wages, including Christmas, mid-year and seniority bonus.

The UNAL gives bonuses for university welfare, overtime, holidays, transportation and food subsidy, among others. We think an excellent benefit is that 75% of the places in the IPARM School are aimed at the children of employees of the University.

In this case, we take into account the opinions of the job at UNAL that have been published on Indeed. On the platform there are more than 430 opinions and the overall score of the National University of Colombia is 4.6 stars

In addition, work at UNAL is described as gratifying and a perfect opportunity to grow intellectually.

💡 Note: The IPARM School in which the children of UNAL employees can obtain places operates on the campus of this university. The same applies in the Kindergarten of the educational center.

3. Bolivar Group

Sector: bank.
Director: Miguel Cortes.
Number of employees in Colombia: 23,500 (according to Top Companies 2022 LinkedIn).
Positions in the lists of the best places to work: 5 in Top Companies 2022 LinkedIn.

The principles and values ​​that guide Grupo Bolívar are based on the relationship with people, including its employees. In it dominates the justice, honesty, discipline and respect.

“What does this company offer its employees?”

Among the benefits of working at Grupo Bolívar are these 👇

Digital self-learning tools to enrich personal and professional life. Professional accompaniment and feedback to strengthen and develop skills. Closeness with the leaders of the departments to promote constant learning and that the ideas of the employees are heard. Programs for strengthening and family well-being and special benefits and agreements for employees and their families.

In Computrabajo we found almost 5,000 evaluations of this company, the overall score it receives is 4.56 stars. One of the aspects that stands out the most is that no user has classified the company with 1 or 2 stars.

The evaluations in Computrabajo allow us to know that the aspects most valued by employees of Grupo Bolívar are

Constant training. Commitment to customers and employees. Benefits whose objective is to care for the health of employees. Delivery of extralegal premiums and timely payments of salaries and benefits.

🎁 Additional Information: Grupo Bolívar is the parent company of Seguros Bolívar and Banco Davivienda. The latter ranks 12th in the Merco Talento ranking of the best places to work. In the case of Seguros Bolívar, it is in 47th place in the same ranking.


Sector: bank.
CEO: Mario Pardo Bayona.
Number of employees in Colombia: 3,790 (according to Top Companies 2022 LinkedIn).
Positions in the lists of best places to work: 6 in Top Companies 2022 on LinkedIn and 46 in the Merco Talento companies ranking.

The bank with more than 110,000 employees around the world makes sure to offer excellent conditions to its employees. In addition to competitive pay, workers receive premium payments (such as mid-year and vacation). They are also given aid and benefits, including the following 👇

optical aid. Help with career pay for employees who don’t have a profession yet. Payment of 40% of postgraduate studies. Aid for food, transportation, maternity and more.

On Glassdoor we found more than 4,000 opinions about working at BBVA Colombia, according to which employees receive good extra-legal benefits. In addition, employees and former employees mention that Human Resources policies are flexible.

Users who gave their opinions on Glassdoor showed that they are grateful for the technology used by the company and with which they can become familiar. In that way, improve their digital skills.

5. Ecopetrol

Sector: oil and gas.
Executive Director: Felipe Bayon.
Number of employees in Colombia: 9,005 (according to Top Companies 2022 LinkedIn).
Positions in the lists of best places to work: 1 in the Merco Talento companies ranking and 25 in Top Companies 2022 LinkedIn.

“The only bad thing about Ecopetrol is not working for it”, thus begins the Ecopetrol article, the most desired employer in El Tiempo. “What reasons do you have to make that statement?” The Colombian Petroleum Company not only cares about the well-being of its more than 9,000 employeesbut also for their relatives and their direct pensioners.

The company is characterized by its competitive wages, For example, a microbiology analyst can earn up to 27 million pesos a year 💰 . However, this is not the only reason to work for the company, as it offers other benefits, some of which are 👇

Educational plan that subsidizes the studies of workers’ children. Medical services, transportation, food and housing loans. Commissioner, extralegal benefits and paid leave. Pension regime.

The overall score Ecopetrol receives on Indeed is 4.6 stars. Many users consider that constant learning is an advantage of working at Empresa Colombiana de Petróleos, where you can work independently and the most experienced are willing to share their knowledge.

As for the benefits, users state that the company complies with them, in addition, it has a excellent management of your work team.

💡 Note: If you want to know other salaries at Ecopetrol, go to the section salaries of the company profile on Glassdoor.

6.Hilton Hotels

Sector: hotelier.
Owner: Hilton Worldwide.
Number of employees in Colombia: 512 (according to Great Place To Work).
Positions in the lists of best places to work: 5 in Great Place To Work (category Between 301 and 1,500 collaborators).

There are solid reasons why Hilton Hotels are in the ranking of the best companies to work for in Colombia. In it is guaranteed paid time off, retirement savings program, employee stock purchase plan, educational assistance programs, health and wellness plans .

Hilton Hotels has programs that are very useful for employees, these are 👇

Go Hilton: This is a travel discount program whose goal is to help employees take the vacation of their dreams. With it you get discounts at all Hilton Hotels in the world. The program is aimed at employees, their families and friends.
[email protected]: has the purpose of contributing to the development of leadership of those who are part of the team of this company. The hotel brand provides the necessary resources to develop the potential of the staff and thus contribute to fulfilling their professional objectives.
Thrive At Hilton: is a program that promotes the performance and well-being of staff. It gives recognition and support that helps meet the professional needs of employees.
Thrive Sabbatical: Hilton Hotels employees can make a difference in the world through the Thrive Sabbatical program, which gives you 4 weeks that you can dedicate to helping others.

In Computrabajo there are more than 1,100 evaluations of employees and former employees of Hilton Hotels, the general score they receive is 4.54 stars. 96% of users recommend working in these hotels. Those who gave their opinion describe it as a responsible and compliant company that offers an optimal learning experience.

7. PepsiCo

Sector: food and drinks.
Executive Director: Ramon Laguarta.
Number of employees in Colombia 085 (according to Top Companies 2022 LinkedIn).
Listed as the best places to work: 4 in Top Companies 2022 on LinkedIn and 16 in the Merco Talento companies ranking.

PepsiCo is one of the largest companies in the food and beverage sector, not only in Colombia, but in the world. Worldwide it has some 291,000 employees and has offices in Antioquia, Bogotá and Cundinamarca. The company has been recognized by different entities…