Basic curriculum vitae: guide, tips and models

It is not always necessary to explain explicitly and in detail all your academic and work data. There are circumstances where a basic resume is more than enough to introduce yourself to a company. Also, it is a good option if you are just starting out in the professional world.

The resume becomes your cover letter in a company. It is a fundamental document to aspire to a job, regardless of the work you are going to do. Of course, it has to be optimally worded to generate a positive impact on a job interview.

Keep in mind that the first impression is a factor that directly influences how society works. You should strive to create a resume that meets the expectations of recruiters and allows you to excel in recruiting. Therefore, pay attention to our advice.

What to put in a basic resume?

Well, as its name indicates, a basic CV does not have much mystery, since it only requires you to add the most important elements. The goal is not to clutter your resume with information that, while important to you, may not be relevant to the job offer.

It is also not necessary that you detail all your academic training starting from kindergarten. Rather, recruiters they look for candidates who have something good to offernot a long history of dates.

Be that as it may, these are the essential sections in a curriculum vitae:👇

Personal information. Here you must place your full name, address, telephone and email. So recruiters can easily contact you.
Professional resume. It is an excerpt that narrates who and why you are the best candidate for the job offer. Summarize in one paragraph achievements, skills and a bit of experience.
Work experience. This section explains how you have developed as a professional in the commercial world. Describe jobs, responsibilities, and accomplishments.
Academic training. A vital section, as it talks about your studies and the education you have received.
Skills. This is where you give the coup de grace, showing the best of you as a professional. It focuses on specialized skills and qualities that make you a better worker.

⚠️Careful: In a basic CV it is not a good idea to include additional sections, because it would cover much more information. It would stop being a versatile and brief resume.

Example of a basic resume

Personal information

Alberto Simancas Gomez

Puebla, Castro, 45899

Phone: 555 555 555


E-mail: [email protected]

Professional profile

Accounting technician with 3 years of experience in the field of business finance. I have participated in the accounting management of Vergel Radiante, CA, reducing the payment of taxes by 12%. In addition, I have contributed to increasing profits by 13% in the last quarter. I have knowledge of tax law, I am able to speak in public and I have negotiation skills. I am currently in the last year of my degree in business administration and I hope to expand my experience in your company, while offering my professional services.

Professional experience

accounting administrative assistant

Radiant Garden, CA

May 2018 – Present

Administration of more than 100 weekly invoices
Record of collections, payments and debts
Reporting and preparation of taxes, with a reduction of 12%
Profits increased by 13% in the last quarter

Academic training

Business Administration

University of New Villa

Studying the last year

October 2017 – Present

Intermediate degree in accounting

Technical Institute of Asturias

October 2015 – June 2018


Management of Microsoft Office Word and Excel
Assertive communication
stress resistance
Critical analysis
ability to do business

A basic, simple, but completely effective resume. All of this information fits on one page and makes an effective recruiting presentation.

What is the ideal format for a basic CV?

When writing a basic resume, you will find three different types of formats. Each one adapts to different circumstances, depending on your experience and skills:

reverse chronological order. It is suitable for people with extensive experience, as it lists recent job accomplishments in descending order. If you decide to use this format, remember to be brief in each section.
functional resume. It puts the focus on your skills as a professional and then focuses on academic training. It is suitable for people with little experience.
Mixed Basic CV. Take the best of the two previous formats and you can adapt it as you consider most appropriate. There is no predefined structure, although it is usual to start by talking about competencies and then narrate education and experience in descending order.

Remember💡: Regardless of the format you choose, the resume should always start with your personal information and the professional summary. They are the sections that recruiters look at first.

Advantages of using a basic CV

As you have realized, writing a simple resume is something that will not take you much time. It is an easy document to make and for which you do not require any academic degree if you want to write it effectively.

Here are some benefits of using this type of CV:👍

Fits many offers. If you plan to look for work in several companies, the simple resume is suitable for each of them. It is not necessary to write a different CV for each vacancy.
It’s easy to read. Recruiters value candidates being objective and accurate. If you get to the point, you’ll make a good impression and have a high chance of getting hired.
Bring out the best in you. You can choose between different formats to highlight the most important aspects of your profile. Thus, there will be no gaps or plot gaps in the document.
Ideal if you have no experience. It is the most practical curriculum vitae if you are a recent graduate or looking for a job that does not require extensive experience as a requirement. Above all it is suitable if you decide on the functional format.

Disadvantages of the resume

Of course, the basic CV is not a perfect documentSo it has some drawbacks. Before deciding if you are going to use this format, evaluate the following aspects:👇

limited descriptions. Some jobs ask for precise, detailed, and specific information about your education and previous positions. In this situation, this CV template falls far short.
It is not for important positions. An aspect related to the previous point. If you apply to a reputable company with a resume that is too simple, you are going to be ruled out. These employers want to know in depth what the candidates are like.

To end

Without a doubt, the simple or basic curriculum is a very good alternative if you are looking for a fast and effective cover letter. However, if you really want it to be successful, you must choose a template that fits your profile.

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