Au Pair Cover Letter | Practical Guide

An au pair is a person who is temporarily hosted by a family abroadIn exchange for work, she usually helps with housework and childcare.

As an au pair you live an intercultural experience; since during the coexistence with the members of your host family you learn about their culture and language (if applicable), and they too; Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to get to know the country and, if this is your case, study.

So if you want to immerse yourself in this adventure abroad, in this practical guide you will learn how to write a au pair cover letter that increases the chances of being chosen to live with a foster family.

Let’s get started! ✔

Au Pair Cover Letter Example


Ashley Palma Montiel
Madrid Spain
[email protected]
+34 901 00 01 00

Dear host family,

My name is Ashley, I am 22 years old and I currently live in Barcelona (Spain) with my parents, Julia Montiel and Ramiro Palma, both educators, with my three siblings, Julie, Ramiro and July, and with the youngest member of the family, our canine mascot ‘Ponnie’.

I have recently completed my university studies in Early Childhood Education, a career with which I have grown up all my life living with two educators under the same roof, and this is how my love for this profession was born that today I have the pleasure of being able to practice.

I have had the joy of growing up in a large, united, loving and very fun family, in which respect, trust and communication prevail. We usually vacation together and meet once a month to celebrate that we have each other, that’s our motto.

In my family there are many children, so I am always surrounded by them, taking care of them and pampering them. In fact, my first experiences caring for and interacting with children was precisely with the children of my relatives and neighbors, whom I accompanied while their parents worked, which further strengthened my vocation, coupled with my parents’ profession.

So far, I have cared for 7 children ranging in age from 4 to 8 years (I am attaching letters of recommendation). I accompanied them from when I picked them up at school until the rest of the afternoon, together we did homework and attended their extracurricular activities. At home we practiced complementary entertainment and learning tasks, such as crafts, memory games, painting, singing, solving riddles, among others.

I have an international driver’s license, grade B1, so traveling by car with the children will not be a problem, I can take them where they need to go.

I made the decision to join this program because it is a springboard for my professional goals, which goes hand in hand with the education of children, a role that I love to play. Being an au pair will allow me to learn from you, your customs and your culture, while you also learn a little about my culture and language. I chose England as the destination because after finishing the program I want to do a specialization in child psychology.

I thank you for your time and I reiterate that it would be an honor for me to be able to share an intercultural experience with you during the 12 months that the program lasts. If you like, we can meet in a video call so that we can get to know each other and clarify possible doubts.

With love and gratitude,

💡 To remember: In general, these cover letters are sent to agencies that act as intermediaries; however, the content of the letter should be addressed to the host family, as they usually participate actively in the selection process, since they are the ones who make the final decision after receiving the profile of the au pairs sent by the agencies.

How to write an au pair introduction letter?

Au pair programs have very specific and sometimes quite demanding requirements. It is not for less, host families need to ensure that the person they will host in their home can easily fit into their values, norms and needs.

For this reason, the cover letter is so important to increase the chances of being selected as an au pair, since it is the first contact you will have with the host family and, in fact, this document could be a filter to move forward or be left out of the process.

So how do you write a good au pair cover letter?

Let’s start by reviewing what would be the ideal structure of this document 👇:

A professional header with your personal and contact details. A friendly and close greeting. A detailed presentation talking about you and your family. A persuasive description of your childcare experience and skills. A detailed explanation of why you have decided to become an au pair. A brief explanation of your plans at the end of the program. A kind and respectful farewell.

This is the suggested structure to write your cover letter because it answers the main questions that host families usually have about candidates; even so, it is not mandatory, you can change the position of some sections, as you consider convenient.

So, in a nutshell, this is the information to mention 👇:

What is your family like, who do you live with, where do you live, what are you studying (if applicable), what are your hobbies and interests, what is your way of being, etc. Experience, training and skills in childcare Why do you want to be an au pair, what are your motivations and, especially, why you have chosen precisely that country to participate in the au pair program. Aspirations (academic or professional), what you will do at the end of your program.

some programs require driver’s license. If you have one, it is also important that you mention it in the letter, as well as the type of license you have.

What to avoid when writing your introduction letter as an au pair

Before moving on to the practical part To write your cover letter, there is a point that we want to emphasize: what is not recommended to include in the content of this document.

Although honesty with your host family is essential, there is information that is better not to mention (outside the requirements), because it could be counterproductive, for example 👇:

That you will miss your family. That you have family problems and that is why you want to get away from your family. That you have a sentimental partner. That you have a very active social life.

All of these extra details could suggest that you might be a troublemaker, might withdraw from the program early, or might not adjust well to the rules.

So it is better to omit this information.

That being said, now we are going to write each section of your au pair introduction letter.

Create a header with relevant data

There are many points to describe in the body of the cover letter, so keep the heading simple and direct, without this implying omitting important data; For example, it is more than enough that you mention the following personal data 👇:

Name and surname. Address. Phone number. Email. LinkedIn (optional).

Your personal information should be located at the top right of the sheet so your host family will immediately know who wrote the letter.

Unlike a job introduction letter, in this case, you should not address the document to the au pair program agency. Although it is the intermediary, the final decision is made by the host family, therefore, your letter should be addressed exclusively to it.

Since there is no general rule on this point, you can pass immediately to the greetingunless the agency has a standard model that you must respect.

Anyway, take a look at this example 👇:


Valentina Marie Altamira Colmenares
Madrid Spain
[email protected]
+34 901 00 01 00

As you can see, it is a simple and direct header, it is not necessary to include more information.

Open the body of your letter with a friendly greeting.

After the header, open your cover letter with a friendly greeting to address your future host family. Precisely for this last reason, because they will be your family, avoid using cold and distant greetings that you would use with a boss, try a closest and most affectionate gesture.

Here is an example of an ideal greeting 👇:


Dear host family,

This is a warm, friendly and very close greeting, just the one you would use with your family.

On the contrary, avoid using greetings like the following 👇:


To whom it May concern:

In a job introduction letter, this greeting is valid in certain cases; but it is not in a letter to your host family. In these types of documents you must be more friendly and familiar, not so hermetic or distant.

present yourself persuasively

When we say “persuasively” it is because the first few paragraphs of your au pair introduction letter should be positive, attractive and interesting to motivate your host family to continue reading and learning more about you through the rest of the letter.

To break the ice you can start by introducing yourself, talking about yourself and your family. Remember that it is not a job letter, so you do not need to be too formal and hermetic with your family life, yes, as we mentioned before, focus only on the positive.

In these paragraphs you can mention, for example 👇:

Your age. Where do you live. Who do you live with. What are the names of your parents. How many brothers you have. Your aspirations.

Imagine that you are writing a letter to a very dear family member, so the language must be very kind, close and positive.

Let’s go with another example 👇:


My name is Valentina, but my family and friends call me Valen. I am 18 years old and I live with my parents, Marié Colmenares and Valentino Altamira, in Madrid (Spain), where I have grown up with my twin brothers, Valeria and Victor, who are 10 years old.

I recently completed my baccalaureate and I aspire to enter the university to continue with my vocation, studying Early Childhood Education, the profession that my mother exercises with great pride.

We are a very close family, communication and respect are the pillars of my house, it is what my parents have taught my brothers and me. In the summer season we travel through the interior of the country, my father rents a camper van and together we live the funniest and happiest days of the year. That’s why I love knowing and interacting with other cultures.

With this appetizer you break the ice and genuinely introduce yourself and get closer to your host family. In this same section you can add more data about your way of being, your daily routine, your family experiences, etc. Or, you can mention it in the following sections.

Now, the result could be the opposite if you present yourself in the following way 👇:


I am Valentina, I am 18 years old and I live in Madrid. I am a fantastic girl, adventurous and very sociable, I love going out with friends on weekends and traveling all year.

It is very good that these adjectives define you, but it is not the most convenient to start a letter as an au pair. The host family might consider that you are not the most…