Amazement Definition

Amazement is a state or feeling that normally affects people and that is triggered after seeing something totally out of the ordinary. Let’s say that the abnormality that something shows, either for better or for worse or, for example, when someone does something that they would never have expected to end up doing, are some issues that can lead to the astonishment of someone.

It is a fairly normal and current sensation among people, that is, it is not something that is hardly experienced, much less, quite the contrary, we are normally amazed by various issues.

If we see a tremendously tall person, we will be amazed; if our sister who hates cleaning, suddenly she cleans our whole house and leaves it shiny, she will cause us a flower of amazement; If a soccer team was losing 4-0 and came back 5-4, we would also feel great astonishment.

This concept is closely related to other widely used concepts in our language such as: surprise and admiration, that is, astonishment is often used instead of those mentioned to express the same thing.

As we can see, astonishment has as its common denominator the development of an event that was not expected, that was not foreseen or that comes out of what we normally see.

It is worth clarifying that the surprise that it will bring out of itself and disturb the person in question may be due to a positive event, which will bring benefits to this or the rest of the people, or, on the contrary, to an unpleasant situation, which will surprise more Nothing because it is something really unexpected, or it has been caused by a very, very strange situation or fact.

For example, the discovery of a vaccine against a deadly disease, such as cancer or AIDS, can be the cause of amazement that will unleash the great admiration of the people and that at first will paralyze them with surprise more than anything else. because after so much time and struggle he got it and then, that astonishment will be the consequence that, for example, in the public space there is no talk of anything other than it.

Meanwhile and on the other hand, for example, the death of a relatively young known person who until yesterday was apparently healthy and suddenly dies out of the blue, will also be a trigger for astonishment, which obviously fits within the amazingly unpleasant situations that I mentioned above.

Likewise, an unusual invention, beyond what our mind can understand, can also be cause for astonishment.

Astonishment is an emotion that is distinguished by presenting an important variety of physical signs that, by the way, are what allow us to recognize it, identify it as such, among the most common that appear we can mention: raising the eyebrows to the maximum, enormous opening of the the eyes, the mouth open, accompanied by a raising of the eyelids, grasping some part of the body with the hands, usually the face or chest.

Regarding the duration, we must mark that the astonishment lasts only an instant, together with those indicated physical signs, then it gives way to joy or sadness, as appropriate.

The concept that opposes that of amazement is that of apathy and this is precisely because apathy is an emotion that is also experienced easily and recurringly and that is characterized by the total absence of interest in something, indifference prevails.