Administrative CV: keys to design your CV – CV Sample

According to LinkedIn: Recruiters now place more value on a good description and the ability to demonstrate the achievements and skills discussed in the profile. While education continues to be important, your career strengths and achievements should also shine bright on your CV as you move towards the interview with the recruiter.

For create an administrative resume To help you demonstrate your achievements and skills, you must focus the recruiter’s attention on your organizational, communication and, of course, administrative skills. With this guide you will learn how to prepare a CV that increases the attractiveness of your profile administrative professional.

Employment Statistics for Clerks

According to the newspaper El Economista: administrative activities and auxiliary services have registered more than 16,682 workers in Social Security only in May 2021 .

If you have been looking for a job in the administrative sector, this is the best time for you to present your CV. In addition, the salary makes it a more attractive position; since an administrative accrues an annual salary of €16,540 euros 💶approximately (Indeed).

Example of an administrative resume

Ana Maria Castellanos
Administrative technician
+34 901 99 88 00
[email protected]
LinkedIn: Ana Maria Castellanos

Professional profile
Administrative technician with 7 years of experience in internal management procedures in companies, with outstanding skills in the registration and filing of administrative documents, management of administration programs and management of personnel recruitment processes. My management achieved, in my current job, 35% in resource savings only during the first two-month period thanks to the optimization of internal processes.

Work experience
we are consultants
Administrative technician
(2018 – present)

Registration and filing of internal documentation.
Preparation of reports on the quarterly results of the departments.
Administrative processing of personnel selection processes.
Accounting of treasury operations.
Processing of commercial documentation.
Transmission of internal communications between departments.
Reception of visits and management of clients through telephone calls.

outstanding achievements
-I registered a saving of 30% in the resources of the administration area thanks to the optimization of the internal processes in my charge.

Helen Doron English Buenavista
Administrative Assistant
(2014 – 2018)

Registration, storage and updating of student information.
Telephone attention.
Email and correspondence management.
Schedule management.
Coordination of meetings and corporate events.
Drafting of administrative documents.
Resolution of student concerns.
Dealing with suppliers.
Preparation of expense and income reports.

Academic training
Higher Degree in Administration and Finance
IES Philippine Islands
(2015 – 2017)

Native Spanish.
Advanced English (C1).


Advanced management of administrative programs.
Advanced database management.
Basic accounting.
Drafting of administrative reports (Spanish and English).
Conflict resolution.
Assertive communication.

Further training
Senior Technician in Administration and Finance
European University
2000 Study Hours (2013)

Additional Information

💡 Note: within the administrative sector there are many profiles. Therefore, it is very important that each of the sections of your curriculum vitae are clearly described; because the functions of an administrative assistant are not the same as those performed by an accounting clerk, for example. So customization is essential.

How to make an administrative resume?

Making an administrative resume where your professional training and outstanding skills, with respect to the needs of the vacancy, are the center of attention, will add points to your candidacy. Therefore, you must take care of each of the sections of a CV in detail.

Are initial recommendations they will help you 👇:

Define the administrative profile you want to opt for. Choose the most convenient CV format (depends on your profile). Review the resume templates and select the most suitable for your profile. Choose a professional photo in which you convey confidence and security. Choose a suitable font (Times New Roman, Arial or Courier New). Avoid selecting very extravagant designs; keep it simple and minimal.

And which format fits best?

There are different formats of curriculum vitae; however, each is better suited to a profession or trade. So the structure to choose must align with your professional profile with the aim of highlighting your strengths and preparation in the administrative area. In addition, it can also vary from one to another depending on your level of experience.

In the case of an administrative resume, the reverse chronological format It is the most appropriate as long as you have experience in the position you wish to apply for.

Since this model emphasizes your career path, showing the recruiter what similar functions and responsibilities you have performed throughout your career. The information must be distributed from the most recent to the oldest.

📌 To consider: If you do not have experience in the administrative area, either because you are a recent graduate or in a job transition, the functional structure is the most appropriate for your administrative CV because it focuses on highlighting your strengths in the area.

Human resource experts know how to identify a resume. It is not necessary that you put “curriculum vitae” inside the document, they already know what it is about.

What should stand out in your administrative CV is your name and profession in the header section. Next, you must mention your contact information, being able to locate them under your name or on the side of the document.

In the contact information, try to include the following information 👇:

Professional email. Phone number. Professional social network, website or portfolio (if your profile warrants it).

📌 Bonus tip: Your address is not required if the job ad does not mention that the job only applies to people who live in the immediate vicinity of the company. Now, if you want to be considered in a certain branch of the company, include your address.

How to write a successful professional summary?

Your administrative resume begins with a description of your professional profile. This is the first opportunity you will have to arouse the interest of the selectors and, in turn, mark a differential value before the rest of the candidates. Do not miss this section because it will determine whether or not you are a potential applicant to fill the vacancy.

The professional summary, in your administrative curriculum vitae, has the objective of presenting your strengths for the job as well as your main achievements In the area. Because this will help the recruiter see you in the position, know what skills you can add and what achievements you could replicate in favor of the company.

This is how you can write a profile for an administrative CV 👇:


Administrative with more than 6 years of experience in the management of administrative activities in tourism companies, with outstanding skills in the preparation of office documents, diagnosis of the company’s needs, supervision of the treasury and control of commercial tasks. In my most recent job I increased the use of resources by 55% in the first quarter thanks to the proper planning and organization of the resources assigned to the administrative area.

With this example of a professional administrative profile 👇:

You mention your experience in a specialized field. You highlight your most relevant skills. You mention important achievements that the company will want to replicate.

Now, the result might not be so positive if you start your administrative resume with a summary like the following 👇:


I have been an administration technician for 3 years, therefore, I know how to manage this area that is so important for the proper functioning of companies. I would like to add my brilliant skills to the team to achieve organizational goals. I want a chance.

This is a very vague snippet that 👇:

It does not provide a differential value that distinguishes you among the candidates. It does not emphasize outstanding competencies or achievements. It calls into question your preparation to successfully complete administrative tasks.

📌 Additional recommendation: Write the rest of the sections before describing your professional summary, this will be easier because you will have in mind your career path and your most outstanding strengths.

Professional objective

All professions are practiced for the first time at a given time, so it is normal that you do not have experience if you have just obtained a degree or are still studying.

If this is your case and you have no experience in the position for which you are applying, you can dispense with the job summary and use a professional objective that helps you describe the most relevant skills that you can add to the company’s team.

This is an opportunity to relate your strengths to the needs of the job. If you write it in a convincing way, you could become the best person to fill the administrative position even if you do not have experience.

This is how you can write your professional objective 👇:


Recently graduated from a Higher Degree in Administration and Finance with outstanding skills in optimizing business communication processes with customers and suppliers, preparing administrative documents, updating data in administration programs and support in the finance area. He aspired to be part of the International Consultants company to favor the management of the administrative department and ensure the optimal use of the resources assigned to the area.

With this professional objective 👇:

You mention your educational background. You highlight your skills. You explain why you want to join the company.

💡 Note: Your lack of experience could go unnoticed if you know how to persuasively sell your professional profile based on the needs of the company.


In this section of your administrative resume you must clearly reflect all the previous work in the sector to highlight that you already have experience executing tasks, functions and responsibilities similar to those corresponding to the vacancy.

📌 Tip: Avoid including irrelevant information in an effort to increase your career path.

In this section Try to mention the following information 👇:

Company name. position you occupied Service time. Performed tasks. Achievements (if they are quantifiable, much better because it increases credibility).

This is how you can write this section 👇:

Work experience
S&D business advisers
Administrative technician
(2015 – 2020)

Control of administrative procedures…