Actor artistic resume: how to shine before the casting – CV Sample

Currently, the performing arts continue to expand remarkably, mainly thanks to the growth of cinema and television.

The SGAE 2020 Yearbook highlighted growth in the performing arts, music and cinema during 2019 (The vanguard). In other words, to get a job in the acting world, be it in film, theater or television, you have to stand out from the queue of applicants, and the first step is through your acting resume.

Your CV must sell your talent so that the producers pick up the phone and ask you to attend the audition you have longed for. To your surprise, this type of CV is not very different from other professions. And with this guide you will learn how to do it easily.

Example of an artistic resume for an actor

Santiago Garcia Sanchez
Cinema actor
[email protected]
+34 927 11 78 23

Professional profile
Actor with 6 years of experience in national and international cinema in the thriller and suspense genre. I have worked under the direction of renowned directors such as Oriol Paulo and Vic Armstrong. I have participated in 4 film productions and in 2 of them I have played the leading role. The most recent, During the Storm, led me to get a nomination at the Gaudí Awards in the category of best protagonist.

Work experience
During the storm, production Atresmedia Cine (2018)
Under the direction of Oriol Paulo
Protagonist (Inspector Leira)
Nomination for best leading actor at the Gaudí Awards.

The man with a thousand faces, producer Zeta Audiovisual (2016)
Suspense – drama
Under the direction of Alberto Rodríguez Librero
Protagonist (Francisco Paesa).

The Apocalypse | Left Behind, production company Stoney Lake Entertainment (2014)
Suspense – action
Under the direction of Vic Armstrong
Supporting Actor (Rayford Steele).

The hidden face, co-production of Bunker, Cactus Flower and Avalon (2011)
Suspense – mystery
Under the direction of Andrés Baiz
Supporting actor (Police officer).

Academic training
Degree in Performing Arts-Interpretation
TAI University School of Arts (Madrid, Spain)
2008 – 2011


cinematographic methodology.
foreign accents.
voice techniques.


Native Spanish.
Advanced English (C1).

Further training
Introduction to Cinematographic Interpretation – Rey Juan Carlos University (2011)

Additional Information

Availability to travel and relocate to another city/country.

What is the best format for an acting resume?

Your acting resume should demonstrate your journey through the acting world and communicate your talent in the area or genre that you have decided to focus on. It is a letter of introduction and as such it should sell the potential you have in this acting industry.

Therefore, it will always be advisable to use a resume format that fits your profile and profession. Although there are several structures that you can use, you should focus on the one that helps you highlight the aspects that you consider most important.

These are the most recommended resume formats for actors and actresses:

Reverse chronological resume

It is one of the most used formats in any industry due to its simplicity. It is about distributing your employment information and educational background in reverse chronological order. That is, locate your most recent experiences first.

This lets casting directors or recruiters know that you’re proficient in the genre and type of performance they’re looking for.

Use this format, preferably, if you already have a career in the world of acting. This will make it easier to highlight your recent projects.

Functional resume

It is a CV format that distributes the data by subject, giving greater importance to outstanding skills, knowledge and achievements. The main objective of this curriculum vitae structure is to hide the lack of professional experience.

With this model, by focusing on the skills and abilities that you have developed as an actor or actress and that are suitable for the acting project that you want to win, you let the casting director or casting staff know that you have everything to do well.

Use this format, preferably, if you have little professional experience or if you have not yet had the opportunity to work on an acting or industry-related project.

Write a stunning professional resume

Your artistic resume as an actor must communicate in an extract why you are the talent that the producer should choose to give life to that character or be in that project. This is what will lead you to take the next step, you must tell him as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that this section will be the one that will head your resume, it will be below or next to your photograph and before the other sections. So you must collect important aspects of your career as an actor or actress in feature films, theater or television.

This is an example of how you can write your professional profile:


Actress with 9 years of experience in film and television. I have worked hand in hand with great directors such as Pedro Almodóvar and Álex de la Iglesia. In my acting career I have participated in 6 movies, 5 soap operas and 2 series for Netflix. I have played supporting, antagonistic and leading characters. In 2018 I was nominated for the Goya Awards in the category of best leading actress for my participation in La mujer del espejo, I was the winner. My interest is in the romance and comedy genre, although I am not afraid of challenges.

It is an example that works because:

Mention the most recent works. He highlights important achievements in the career. Mention interests. Make it clear that you can take on challenges that take you out of your comfort zone.

The result would be different if, on the contrary, you presented a summary like the following:


I have been an actor for 4 years. I like to star in short action and suspense films, but I also like to star in soap operas. I am looking for an opportunity to play the leading role in the telenovela La carrera del amor.

This professional summary would not work because:

It does not emphasize the work history. He does not highlight achievements or successes. It imposes the role that you want to develop. He shows no interest in taking on acting challenges. It’s a vague summary that mixes two industries without highlighting any.

The professional profile on your acting resume will be the first snippet that talent recruiters will read. The clearer and more attractive this description is, the more chances you will have of being called in for the audition.

Career objective for an actor CV

All actors have had a start, they have faced an acting project for the first time. This is something that happens in all professions.

If you just graduated or are still studying, replaces job summary for a career goal that communicates your core skills to recruiters.

The important thing is that you make clear what your differential value is, how you see yourself in this industry, how far you want to go and what is the path you want to follow. This will give the producer an idea of ​​whether you are the right artist for his project.

This is an example of how you can write a professional objective in an actor CV:


I am a theater student close to getting my official degree. Currently, I play the role of La Carlotta in the musical theater work The Phantom of the Opera under the production of the Rey Juan Carlos University, my home of studies. I am looking for an opportunity in the play Mamma Mia, where I want to add my acting, singing and dancing skills to create a work worthy of being recognized worldwide.

Reveal your artistic expertise

The producers have your curriculum vitae in their hands and want to know information about your artistic career. For example, in which productions have you worked, in what type of projects have you stood out (television, short films, feature films…), what role have you played, among other information about your experience in acting.

Let them know as soon as possible. There is a long line of applicants who are also looking for the same opportunity. So make it easy for them. A short and concise description It will be more than enough to publicize your experience as an actor or actress.

This is how you can write this section:

Work experience
TV soaps
The rebirth of love, production Osorio (2018)
Leading role (Alexa Fernandez)
Romantic comedy
Under the direction of Boris García Sánchez
110 chapters.

This example works because:

Mention the name of the project. Mention the production and direction of the project (more credibility). Let us know what the genre of the project was. The number of chapters that the project was on the air stands out.

This is a very important section in your acting resume. Your moment to stand out. You must be brief, but provide the most relevant data of the action project.

Take advantage of your artistic training

Education is one of the most important sections on a resume, regardless of profession. Well it’s a knowledge support that are mentioned throughout the cover letter.

In the case of an actor or actress, it is true that artistic skills are sometimes developed on a recording set and complementary training. There are many actors who do not have an official degree and have also had a successful career.

However, it is still relevant to mention the training that has been taken in the industry; because an actor CV that mentions these data will be more attractive. If you have it, take advantage of it and highlight it in your CV in this way:

Academic training
Official University Degree in Performing Arts – Interpretation
TAI University School of Arts (Madrid, Spain)
2015 – 2019.

show off your skills

Skills will always have an important place on a resume, because they let recruiters know what competencies you can add to the team or project.

In an actor CV they do not lose relevance. In fact, they are even more important because they can help you gain an edge over other applicants and describe you as a multi-talented artist. So take advantage of them in your favor.

These are some skills that actors usually have:

Improvisation. foreign accents. Dance. Singing. Imitation. Voice and diction techniques. Bilingual interpretation. Creativity. Conflict resolution.

Additional Sections for an Acting Resume

Your curriculum vitae as an actor or actress should fit the casting profile. That is, you must include additional information if requested by the talent recruiter in the casting description. This increases your chances of getting the audition.

For example:

Availability to travel. Availability for relocation to another city/country. Immediate availability to start recordings. No exclusive contract with any television station. Website and social networks.

Tips for writing your resume

So that…