Accounting Administrative Assistant Resume: Guide

Being an administrative assistant is a job that has many fields of application. All companies require administration, accounting and control of finances and expenses. In addition, it is a job that sometimes can even be done from home online.

Be that as it may, what will help you get into a company is your presentation as a professional. If you want to enhance your profile, pay attention to our suggestions for you to write the best cover letter.

Job Statistics for Accounting Clerks

As we already mentioned, all companies require accounting clerks, especially if they are large organizations. For this reason, administrative assistance is a highly demanded job, and depending on the company, with a good economic remuneration.

An administrative assistant with no experience can earn between 1,000 euros and 1,400 euros per month. If you work for the state, the salary amounts to 1800 euros each month.

On the other hand, if you get a position in a prestigious company, such as BBVA, you could earn up to more than 35,000 euros gross each year, which would be an average of almost 3,000 euros per month.

Example of an Accounting Administrative Assistant Resume

Alberto Diaz

accounting clerk

Madrid Spain

Phone: 555 55 55 55

E-mail: [email protected]

LinkedIn: /albdi

Professional profile

Bachelor of business administration with 3 years of experience in financial control, billing and payroll evaluation. I have worked as an accounting assistant at the BBVA bank and I have offered my services as a financial assistant in small companies. I have a high tolerance for working under pressure, I characterize myself as being efficient, responsible and I have communication skills.

Professional experience

Administrative Assistant

Consulting MadSL

January 2020 – Present

Accounting record of payroll and operations
Management of collections, payments and sales
Issuance of commercial paper
100% accuracy in administration
Reduction of the payment of extra taxes by 25%

Academic training

Degree in business administration

University of Girona

October 2016 – May 2020

Digital Marketing Diploma

FETU Group

July 2018 – October 2018


capital optimization
Marketing strategies
Management of Microsoft Office Word and Excel
Analysis and resolution
initiative and empathy
Project management

What is the best format for an accounting assistant CV?

The first thing you have to do is think about the type of structure you are going to use for your resume. The goal is to highlight your strengths, putting aside your weaknesses as an assistant. Just as you keep proper control of records, payments and debts, you also you must present a perfectly organized resume.

The most common formats are the following:

Reverse chronological CV. Detail your professional experience in descending order.
functional resume. Ideal for highlighting skills and aptitudes and competencies when there is not so much trajectory to highlight.
combined resume. Create a balance between the two previous models and you have more freedom to structure the document.

If your career as an assistant is long, do not hesitate to choose the reverse chronological format. It’s a professional style and one that lets you see your most recent achievements first. But if you are just starting out in the world of work, the functional and combined CV (also called hybrid) are the best alternatives.

How to write your professional objective?

The vast majority of assistants are starting out in the world of work. And it is that the purpose is to continue acquiring experience to obtain a position as administrative accountant. If this is your case, the most convenient thing for your extract in the CV is resort to a professional objective.

The professional objective is a brief paragraph that summarizes and objectively narrates your goals and inspirations in the company. Show your most important qualities and some skills that will serve to grab the attention of recruiters. It is what will make you stand out in the recruitment process.

A good example template is the following:


Accounting assistant with a degree in business administration, currently studying a master’s degree in electronic finance. I have participated in the accounting department of Barcelona & Asociados for the last 2 years, keeping records of accounts, collections, bonds and debts. He has been in charge of reducing tax payments by 25%. I aspire to work in your company to offer my knowledge and boost the profits of the company, as well as to expand my career.

It is a simple extract, to the point and that in a single paragraph talks about achievements, abilities and aspirations. He is a candidate that any recruiter will want on his team.

How not to make the professional goal?


Since I was little I have liked numbers and I was the best in my math classes. I have decided to study accounting because I would love to be part of a big company and earn a lot of money. If you hire me, your company will benefit in terms of finances, and I will also continue to grow as a professional.

This presentation is informal, unobjective and does not provide any valuable data. He is a candidate who has very little chance of being victorious in the personnel selection process.

📌Remember– The extract is the first section of the resume that recruiters look at. You need to stand out to make the best first impression and motivate the employer to keep reading your CV.

Career Summary for Experienced Candidates

The professional summary is very similar to the previous one, with the main difference that it focuses on the work history. It explains very precisely your most important achievements and makes you look like a candidate with extensive experience. It is almost always the extract that It is used if you have been working for more than 5 years.

An example model is the following:


Accounting clerk with more than 5 years of experience. BBVA bank assistant, in charge of keeping track of credit card debts and bank mortgages. I have contributed 12% of the bank’s profits in the last 10 years and have helped more than 50 clients pay on time. I want to work in your company and offer my knowledge in financial optimization.

experience assistant resume

In all fairness, no one wants to leave their accounting books in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to do it. For this reason, the work experience section is essential on any accounting administrative assistant resume.

It does not matter if you have little experience or a long history, it is a section that should not be missing in your cover letter. Explain the technical title of your jobhe Name of the Institution where you worked and a short list with some achievements and responsibilities.

Take a look at the following template:

Work experience

Administrative assistant


May 2020 – Present

Control and registration of the accounting of 12 companies
Resource and finance management
Report writing
Employee of the month on 3 occasions

A simple experience, but explained in the right way to capture attention. It shows skills, responsibilities and aptitudes, which is what is sought in any company.

💡tips: If you have little experience, including your professional practices is an excellent idea. Additionally, you can add personal research and freelance work.

Academic training: how to write it correctly

An accounting administrative assistant requires different types of education, depending on the type of role you will be performing. It’s not the same only record payment and service records to work directly with the accounting of a company.

Be that as it may, in the academic training you must put your technical title, the educational institution and the start and completion date. If you have little experience, complement the section with a short list of achievements and awards.

A simple example is the following:

Technician in trade and finance

Technical Institute of Vigo

May 2016 – June 2019

GPA of 8.9
Next Accountant Award Winner

✒️Note: use the reverse chronological order to describe your educational background if you have a long history. It is highly recommended if you have a Ph.D., Master’s and University degree. If so, skip the high school studies.

Administrative CV skills

We come to one of the most important sections to write a resume for an accounting administrative assistant. Apart from your knowledge, you must also have skills that make you a more complete professional. In fact, your skills can make the difference between getting a contract or being discarded.

Skills are classified into the following categories:

hard skills

They are specific to your profession and the ones that make you perform better in a job. For an accounting administrative assistant, these are some of the most relevant skills:

Management and administration Knowledge of financial laws Logical reasoning Use of Microsoft Excel Document writing Capacity for synthesis Budget management Negotiation capacity

Soft skills

These skills are not explicitly linked to your profession, but they do make you a more complete worker in every way. Try the following skills:

Teamwork Mastery of stress Responsibility Assertive communication Discipline Decision making Relationship management

⚠️Warning: Don’t include all your skills on a resume. Rather, analyze the job posting to find out what skills are required by recruiters.

What other sections to include in the accounting administrative assistant resume?

If you want to complement your curriculum vitae, there are some very practical additional sections that give your presentation a plus:

Languages ​​Certifications Volunteering Social networks Portfolio

Now, although you can add some extra data to your CV, you should not saturate the document with information. Also, do not post information that is not relevant to your work.

Tips to improve your CV

You now know how to write the best accounting administrative assistant resume. But if you want that your CV is really captivatingthe following additional tips that will be very useful:

Use clear language. She speaks with kindness, a professional style and cordiality. Likewise, avoid excessive formalism or, at the other extreme, an excessively informal tone.
Choose the ideal font. The size has to be between 10 and 12 points for the base text and about 13 to 14 for the subtitles. Use the elegant, easy-to-read font.
Keep the structure neat. Do not write very long blocks of text or very long sentences. Leave blank spaces and structure the document so that each section is easy to find.
Choose an attractive template. The resume design should be elegant, professional, and distinctive.
Summarize the CV in one sheet. It is not necessary to put all your data in the…