90 of the gambling facilities on the territory of the Russian gambling areas were closed due to pandemic

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Gaming facilities located in the Russian Federation in special areas, mass announce the termination of the work. The reason for the forced outage become a pandemic coronavirus. Read more about who is closed, as well as how long forced vacation – less in the material.

 In connection with the spread of dangerous diseases in the Russian Federation were adopted certain legislative amendments, the list of have a peek at this web-site which can be found here.

 It should be noted that the leadership of the majority of the total gambling objects follow the recommendation of the Head of State and announced the suspension of work. In this period of forced vacation may differ.

 So, for example, Sobranie casino guide, located in the gaming zone “Amber”, announced that the object will not work in the period from 28 March to 5 April. The information was published on the page of gambling establishments in Instagram.

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 Dear friends! According to the recommendations of the President of the Russian casino SOBRANIE temporarily suspend its activities from 28 March to 5 April 2020 inclusive.

 Publication of Gaming Zone “Amber» (@sobraniecasino)

 29 Mar 2020 at 7:54 PDT

 When you try to visit the official online platform of gambling establishments Tigre de Cristal users with a fixed window informing them that the leadership of the next government instructions and stops the casino job until April 5.

 If desired, the user can open a page with more information. Team gambling institution notes that the support measures taken by the federal and local authorities to prevent the spread of disease. Also, employees are calling on their customers to make a conscious and socially responsible behavior.

 Entertainment complex Altai Palace, located in the gambling zone “Siberian Coin” also informs its visitors through message-Instagram account that management complies with government guidelines and cancels all concerts and public events since 27 March.

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 Friends, the casino halls to temporarily stop its work until a new government regulation. All public events are canceled to stop the possible spread of infection. ⠀ Hotel will continue its work in the usual mode; instead of buffet breakfast in the restaurant will be delivered to the rooms.

 Publication of Altai Palace (@altaipalace_casino)

 27 Mar 2020 at 3:19 PDT

 When the entertainment complex will restore the work – is unknown, the message appears that the discovery of an object held by special order.

 Gaming facilities IRKZ “Krasnaya Polyana” – “Casino Sochi”, “the Slots Bonus” video arcade and a casino “Boomerang” – have also announced the termination of work.

 The official website of the gambling establishments “Casino Sochi” means that the decision of the chief sanitary doctor of the Krasnodar Territory all the places IRKZ stop working on March 26. A similar message is made public at the casino “Boomerang” online platform. On the website does not appear when the restore job gambling establishments.

 Note that the only gambling establishment, online and in social networks, which was not made public information on the forced work stoppage, a hall Magic Crystal slots located in IRKZ “Amber”.

 Recall that due to the closure of gambling establishments of the United States economy would lose $ 43.5 billion, the details – here.

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90 of the gambling facilities on the territory of the Russian gambling areas were closed due to pandemic
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