7 modern resume templates to download

Until a couple of years ago, it was enough to submit a simple sheet with your work information piled up in blocks of text without visual appeal. Presentation was not a valued factor in a selection process; But not anymore.

Currently, how you present your professional information will affect your chances of staying with the job.

This is where delivering a modern CV has become an essential requirement to stand out. To help you achieve this, in this guide we present our best modern templates so that you attract the interest of the recruiter from the first moment. ✔

What is a modern resume?

You may be thinking that a Curriculum vitae modern is one that contains many colors, resources and different types of fancy fonts, right?

But it’s not like that.

A modern resume is a document that presents your professional profile under a design elegant, simple and attractive . This CV has a visual balance, it is characterized by a color palette that is consistent with the trade or profession and includes modern fonts (not extravagant).

Basically a modern CV is attached to the latest trends From Human Resources. It’s just what recruiters want to see to pique their interest.

💡 Reminder: to make a modern resume it is not necessary to use various colors or fonts, it is enough that your CV is original, simple and attractive to stand out.

Best templates for a modern CV

Do you want to dazzle the employer with a Curriculum vitae modern and attractive? Do you want to impose your profile on the rest of the candidates? Do you want your candidacy to be remembered?

The goal of our modern templates is to help you achieve all this (and more), because we know that the labor market trend is present a current design. Therefore, below, we suggest our selection of the best modern templates 👇:

1. Riga

When it comes to modern and stylish templates, Riga is a favorite because it brings both attributes together under one simple and distinguished design that stands out for its large header where your name will be very easy to remember as it is located in the center.

To enhance the visual aspect, includes graphic elements that represent contact information. It also highlights your skills by displaying them in bars that allow you to demonstrate your level of mastery. These elements give it a very modern touch.

The understated look of this modern resume template makes it ideal for presenting a Candidacy for senior management positions or that deserve seriousness.


How to make a modern and conservative CV? The Budapest template is a great tool to achieve this result. Its style is very similar to the previous model; the main difference is that the header is more discreet, maintaining elegance.

It also includes graphic elements that accentuate the visual aspect and give it dynamism. Likewise, the optimal distribution of the spaces allows the creation of a short or long resume without this implying that the reading is heavy.

Due to its elegance and seriousness, it is an ideal template to apply for senior positions.

📌 Plus: in our guide on how to look for a job, we share the keys to succeed in your job search.


This is a modern structure, attractive and, above all, easy to understand. Thus, the information is consumed nicely and easily, giving you breaks in sight.

The big difference with respect to the two previous models, with which it shares a very similar design style, is that it allows you to customize with pastel colors, being a suitable palette of tones to opt for. casual or creative jobs.

However, it also maintains classic colors in case you want to keep a more reserved look to apply to formal positions. It is this dynamism that makes this model stand out, added to its particular headline that is simple and forceful.


With this model we open our selection of templates with a minimalist design and elegant that conveys neatness, order and attention to detail.

The main attraction of this template is in the header where you can add a visual element that will make you stand out from the rest: a custom stampthat is, a resource that is formed with your name and surname giving a unique touch to your CV.

The different sections of the Curriculum vitae they are identified, well distributed and with small intermediate blank spaces that give breaks to the eye.


Do you want to present your work information in a summarized way without sacrificing attractiveness?

This model will help you achieve this effect, because it is a minimalist structure that distributes your data in an organized way to the point that the result is a short resume that is easy and quick to read. Especially if you have little professional experience.

His appearance is also sober, professional and elegant. Very opportune to opt for semi-formal or formal jobs.

6. Prague

This is a modern template that ditch the vibrant colors to focus the recruiter’s attention on the most important element of the resume: the content.

It has a simple and elegant appearance, while respecting a very classic visual balance represented by a black and white color palette. It is a minimalist design that suits people who want to communicate simplicity and attention to detail.

You can use it for semi-formal or formal positions.


We close this repertoire of modern CV templates with another model that also screams elegance and simplicity. It is a basic format that is still attractive and modern, out of the ordinary and traditional, just what you need to stand out in the eyes of the employer.

Because of its conservative and understated look, use it to present your candidacy for formal or semi-formal positions. On the contrary, it is not an ideal template for informal positions because its style is very discreet.

💡 Postscript: These templates, except for Sydney and Prague, allow you to personalize your CV with your photo, but also give you the freedom to remove it if you prefer to submit a resume without a photo.

Additional guidelines for your modern CV

Now, to get a modern, attractive and professional CV, here are some extra guidelines that will guide you 👇:

Prioritize the compact format: the perfect resume is relevant and simple, preferably no more than 2 pages (keeping the most important on the first).
Say goodbye to text blocks: the old format cluttered the information, this is no longer attractive (never was, really). So divide the content into sections to make it easier and more enjoyable to read.
Use a consistent color palette: If you are opting for a formal job, use discreet colors. If you want to opt for a creative position, use bolder colors.
Use a modern, but legible font: Arial and Times New Roman are outdated styles, you can replace them with modern options like Calibri, Helvetica…
Includes graphic resources: in the contact section, for example, you can place icons to mention information such as telephone, email, address, etc. It’s more visual.
Use an appropriate font size: Sections of a CV have headings, subheadings, and paragraphs. Use a different font size to distinguish the information.
Choose the right design for your profile: there are formal and informal jobs, take this into account to choose the most appropriate design to present your CV.

In addition to this, keep your CV updated, because you don’t want the recruiter to call a disabled phone number, right? So check the content of your resume periodically and modify what is necessary to deliver a modern CV with current data.

💡 Note: in the event that you are going to send a CV online, make sure that the format is optimized to look good on different devices (mobile, computer, tablet…).

What information should a Curriculum vitae modern?

In a modern curriculum, both the format and the design are the elements that have experienced the most changes over the years; however, the content is also an aspect that has changed and, of course, retains its relevance.

The information is the same, although other data can be included whenever the company and the type of employment so warrant. Either way, this is the traditional structure 👇:

Contact information (name and surname, professional email, telephone and address). Professional profile. Work experience. Academic training. Skills. Languages. Complementary training (courses, postgraduate courses, master’s degrees…). Additional information (permits, availability, etc.).

These are the most important data about your professional career and, therefore, what the employer wants to read on your CV; but the key is to describe your profile in a professional, simple and persuasive way to get the interviewer’s attention.

📌 Advice: Read our guide on how to create a perfect resume, even if you have no experience. Then go to our selection of resume examples and choose the one that suits your trade or profession to start writing your CV from scratch with examples.

The advantages and disadvantages of opting for modern templates

Standing out in a selection process goes beyond having an impeccable track record; because if you don’t know how to present it in your CV, the employer won’t stop to read it.

This is where modern resumes are a new trend to get the attention and interest of the recruiter. Of course, before downloading one of these templates, know what the pros and cons of this resume template 👇:


These models are more attractive, clean, tidy and minimalist. They adapt to any job. They help you differentiate yourself from those who present a traditional format. They are easier and more pleasant to read. They are easy to customize. There are a variety of designs for you to choose the most convenient for your profile.

Using modern resume templates might help you score points and stand out as a bona fide candidate, but in doing so you also face a number of challenges, including 👇:


There are companies that are not in favor of modern formats. If you’re not careful, you could get too creative and cause a rebound effect. There are models that prioritize color and other elements, but neglect the content. They are difficult to understand because of ATS technology (personnel selection programs).

Unmissable tips to modernize your resume

As a finishing touch, we share a series of recommendations on how to make a modern CV that is professional, eye-catching and minimalist. Consider the following 👇:

Add your professional social networks (LinkedIn, especially). Save and send your CV in PDF format and not in Word. Combine the visual elements with the color palette. Summarize your work information, but without sacrificing relevant data. Be sure to choose a design that is ideal for your trade or profession. Before you download a modern template, be aware of company protocols. You can use 2 fonts: one for the titles and…