10 examples of obligations –

The obligations They are regulated in all modern civil codes, which define what an obligation is, what elements make it up, who are part of it and the consequences of breaching an obligation. When there is a contract between two or more people, compliance with it is an obligation.

The new Civil and Commercial Code of Argentina, sanctioned in 2015 in its article 724 defines what in the legal field is an obligation, says that:

The obligation is a legal relationship by virtue of which the creditor has the right to demand from the debtor a benefit intended to satisfy a lawful interest and, in the event of non-compliance, to forcibly obtain the satisfaction of said interest.

Meanwhile, in its article 725, it sets out the requirements that an obligation must have:

The benefit that constitutes the object of the obligation must be materially and legally possible, lawful, determined or determinable, susceptible to economic valuation and must correspond to a patrimonial or non-patrimonial interest of the creditor.

10 examples of obligations

Juan agrees to give Pedro a desktop PC. (Obligation to give)María agrees to clean Paula’s apartment on Thursday morning for 1000 pesos (obligation to do)Francisco agrees with Marta to take his dog for a walk for two hours every morning. (obligation to do)Pablo agrees with Mayte who gives him a 42-inch plasma TV or a three-section sofa (Obligation to give)On a cliff facing the sea there is a sign that says “PROHIBITED TO DIVE HEAD INTO THE SEA” (Obligation not to do for visitors to that place)Pedro, Juan, César and Martina owe Ramiro 100,000 pesos in equal parts (Simply joint obligation)Juan bought a house and a few days later he received a summons for a debt of 10,000 pesos for electricity from the previous owner. Juan then called the company to request an appointment to make a payment plan to pay said debt in installments. (Propter Rem Obligation)The insurance company, or Pedro, or Santiago must pay Pablo an indemnity of 150,000 pesos for the fire in his house. (concurrent obligation)Víctor agrees with Laura to give her 200,000 pesos (Obligation to give money) Carlos agrees to repair César’s car himself or take it to a garage near his house. (optional obligation)