🥇 ▷ Examples of 【Probabilistic Arguments】

let’s explore together what are probabilistic arguments and how to rank them alongside some great ones Examples of Probabilistic Arguments which we will show you later.

Did you know that there are various types of arguments? Well, in effect, there are more than ten types of arguments, and one of them is probabilistic arguments, and today we will learn about them.

Probabilistic Arguments: Definition and Types

Just as there are various types of arguments in general, there are also two types of probabilistic arguments different, and these differ from each other based on how they express the argued probability.

On the one hand, we have quantitative probabilistic argumentswhich make express use of numbers to be able to imply the probability that they are indicating, such as percentages.

And on the other hand, we have the existence of the qualitative probabilistic argumentswhich use estimates with adverbs of quantityas half, majority, minority and among others.

Below, we’ll explain a bit more about each of the types of probabilistic arguments, along with some excellent examples of each.

In this way, it will be possible to understand what probabilistic arguments are, as well as the correct way to differentiate quantitative probabilistic arguments from qualitative probabilistic arguments.

Quantitative probabilistic arguments

Mainly, we have that the quantitative probabilistic arguments They are those that make use of quantities expressed in numbers, by means of specified percentages, or numbers that lengthen the sentence.

Therefore, it is typical of these arguments that we come across phrases like “3 out of 5 people say that…” or something like “80% of the population studied…”

These sentences that we will see formulated below are some of the quantitative probabilistic arguments that can serve as a guide and example to better understand this concept in question.

Examples of Quantitative Probabilistic Arguments

Only 40% of the students in this institute are young women. 75% of our body is made up merely of water. The statistics indicated by the Organization A Women reveal that a total of 35% of women worldwide have been victims of sexual abuse. As expressed by the CIA, the world population is divided into 50.5% men and 49.5% women, therefore, according to this, there are currently more men than women. As I read in the school textbook, sugarcane is made up of 11.29% sucrose in its entirety. We conclude that 8 out of 10 women who responded to the survey carried out on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, affirm that they have suffered harassment in the streets. Only 7 out of 10 people interviewed state that they know what the new environmental education project that will be carried out by the foundation is about. As of November 29, 2021, 34.67% of Venezuelans residing in their country had already been vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

Qualitative probabilistic arguments

On the other hand, we have the existence of qualitative probabilistic arguments, which do not require such a precise and specific figure as in the case of quantitative probabilistic arguments.

In this case, the estimation is made differently, since instead of using specific percentages or numbers, we make use of the adverbs of quantity in sentences.

Therefore, it is extremely common that we come across phrases like “Half of them…” or “There is little chance of…”

In the examples that we will see below, we will be able to see this type of adverbs reflected at the same time that we create solid arguments when using them.

Examples of qualitative probabilistic arguments

I want to enroll my son there because most of the students who graduate from that school go on to good universities. Half of this year’s student soccer team is made up of tenth graders. Much of my income comes from my work as a secretary in the office of Dra. Alba Gutiérrez. I have a feeling that in reality only the fewest of Estela’s friends could be a good influence on her. Many of the children at those early ages are afraid of going to see the doctor because they think they will get a vaccine and they don’t like that. It is true that the minority of my students get bad grades, since I try very hard so that everyone understands the topic explained in class. Very few of the employees disagreed with the new changes to the company’s business plan, so all the changes were approved. A minority of my friends like the same movies that I love so much, that’s why I almost always go to the movies alone.