🥇 ▷ 80 Examples of【 Sentences with Collective Nouns】

In this article we present a wide variety of examples of sentences with collective nounsall ideal to apply in the construction of different sentences.

What are collective nouns?

Collective nouns are those that are used to refer to a group of people, animals, or things without being a plural word.

Are examples of collective nouns:

Grove (set of trees).Constellation (set of stars).Students (group of students).Crowd (group of people).Flock (group of sheep).

the use of these nouns is frequent in the writing of texts and in the language that we use in daily life.

There are different types of nouns (own, common, concrete, abstract, individual, collective, countable, uncountable) and each one has its own characteristics. The characteristics of collective nouns are the following:

They designate a group of specimens of the same species. They do not need the plural to name several elements. They are not plural words, but they admit plurals. For example: flockyesherdyescrowdyesconstellationsyesshoalyespackyes. They are opposed to individual nouns.

It is important to note that not every set of elements is a collective noun. For example, if we say “children”, “books” or “cats” we are talking about plural nouns, but not about collectives.

Examples of sentences with collective nouns

In that hamlet there were no inhabitants. A beautiful grove decorated the south of the town. You teeth it is really beautiful. He foliage What you painted in that painting is sublime. We will go to study library of the University. He system It has not been opened for registrations. The crowd he was jamming at the door. You almost bought the same one crockery that I gave you He locker room that Daniela used looked very good on her. A fleet of cars has come to the city. Together we will travel all over the archipelago. He organism of the human being is complex. Your daughter already knows everything alphabet from memory. The band played all night at my party. He clan it was completely destroyed. The camera Municipality approved the new bill. That shoal It has different colors. He clergy has expressed his opinion on the matter. A cluster decided to protest this afternoon at the embassy. He army has taken all the streets of the city. A squadron It will be deployed throughout the state. He swarm he attacked me at breakfast. God is in charge of forming his flock. A pack almost ate my neighbor’s kitten. The population is almost fully vaccinated.

Examples of sentences with collective nouns

He dovecote He was on the heights of the building. In that place there is a pinewood beautiful. He faculty He has decided to go on a work stoppage. A herd of wolves is prowling the house. This reedbed will give very good results. The troop is ready to launch the attack. He chorus of this church is very refined. The family of my friend is very close. This flock of birds is very beautiful. The pipeline It has broken. The lady has brought that clothing. That is one sect dangerous. He plumage of my parrot is cute. He platoon He’s practicing. The girl watched the skeleton That file it’s on my desk. A host of evil dwells there. The people he was screaming very loudly. He cattle is grazing to the south. The flora of that place captivated me. The fauna of my country is impressive. The cutlery silver was for sale. has increased the clientele of this business. she has brought a litter dog’s. A horse found here.

Other examples of sentences with collective nouns

It has formed a hornet’s nest in my window It’s an old tribe. you are from equipment winner. They have activated the artillery. Was a hen house beautiful. The crew He was from Ireland. A pair of new stockings A series thriller. The citizenship has been receptive. The programming it’s been interesting. The academy of literature has ruled on that. I couldn’t buy that recipe book kitchen. I will leave you my inheritance to the poor. The most of participants approved the matter. A brotherhood secret operated there. He neighborhood received it with affection. They belonged to guild of teachers. Let’s go to one congregation christian. In that place there was a Brotherhood mysterious. A league of champions. The alliance French offers courses. The confederacy Russia has increased its power. That group musical won several awards. A society of civilized people. A hundred of movies we have seen. They sent him to make one newspaper library like homework. The federation The Chilean Association of Teachers has issued its opinion. A community scientist is here. They have formed a board of government.They are inhabitants of a cologne english.