🥇 ▷ 8 Examples of 【Sustainable Projects】

The wide range of examples of sustainable projects depends on the usable resources existing on the planet, as well as on the ideas and needs that arise.

At present, the sustainable projects They are considered as something normal and common, since they form a fundamental part in the development of cities and various technologies.

What are sustainable projects?

In general terms, the sustainable development projects They focus on finding a solution to a need, without compromising environmental limits.

That is why many projects try to create social awareness about various activities that have a negative impact on the planet, such as climate change.

Although at first the sustainable development was focused on the environment, the truth is that today it also focuses on society and the economy.

Principles of sustainable development

Within these projects, 3 principles can be highlighted, although they are not always together:

resource maximization: It is about exploiting environmental resources, minimizing emissions and waste to create a balance.
Economic progress: It consists of seeking greater productivity and improvements in economic matters, to promote the development of cities.
Social responsability: It is understood as the creation of social awareness, so that everyone feels part of the change and its consequences.

Examples of sustainable projects

Let’s see some of the examples of sustainable projects that, to this day, continue to be constantly updated and developed:

1. Recycling of inorganic/biodegradable waste

On the one hand, inorganic waste can be recycled and transformed into different reusable materials, which allow a more efficient use of it.

In general, plastic and glass bottles, plastic bags, containers, cans, cardboard, paper, etc. are used.

On the other hand, biodegradable waste is processed as fertilizer for the growth of plants and crops.

It is very common to create a compost based on different elements, so all the benefits of plants, vegetables, fruits and more are used.

2. Construction of solar plants

Different sustainable development projects include the use of solar energy as a generator of green or clean energy.

Although at first it was intended to be used in houses and factories, it is currently implemented in public lighting, transportation, agriculture and much more.

In fact, there are projects that will make it possible to combine solar energy with electric cars or with the use of rainwater.

3. Use of maritime movements

This is a series of projects in which wave energy will be used, which comes from the hydraulic pressure generated by the movements of the waves in the sea.

The buoys work like transformers, intercepting the force of the waves to convert it into electrical energy.

Another of the types of sustainable projects that requires water is that of blue energy, in which the properties of salt water from the sea are combined with those of fresh water from rivers.

4. Installation of wind farms

Electric power wind turbines are not a new topic, as it was one of the first developments to be studied.

The goal now is to install wind farms in areas of the planet where there is great potential in the wind.

These projects are also clean or green energyas is the case with solar plants.

5. Use of rainwater

Projects related to this suggest processing rainwater with various treatments, to take advantage of it at home.

In general, rainwater is contaminated by different sources, but with the correct treatment, water waste can be avoided.

6. Sustainable development of ecotourism

It is about offering a new concept of tourism that is much more natural, where you can enjoy the fauna, flora and landscapes without causing the pollution that conventional tourism usually generates.

Instead of walking through cities, it is considered to walk and get to know the green and less populated areas of the countries.

7. Manufacture of electric vehicles

Traditional fuel is one of the biggest generators of waste and environmental pollution, so an excellent alternative is electric vehicles.

These sustainable projects refer to the change of fuel for rechargeable electric batteries, both in public stations and in home stations.

8. Development of vertical agriculture

It is a solution that combines food engineering and traditional agriculture, in crops of fruits, vegetables and plants in a vertical extension.

In this sense, it is grown upwards and indoors, allowing greater efficiency in terms of available space and avoiding climatic limitations.

Thanks to this, crops can be grown anywhere in the world, thus reducing transportation costs and limits on available varieties.

Just as these examples of sustainable projects exist, different companies around the world continue to study the energy sources available to enhance them and stop climate change.